September 1 will come very soon, but you need to choose the perfect and thought-out image for your daughter as soon as possible? How is everyone around buying huge round white bows? What are they needed for?

  • A bow is, first of all, an important decoration!
  • A bow is a stylish accessory that will emphasize and complete the festive look of a schoolgirl!

! Did you know that hair for women is a symbol of Freedom, Strength and Health!

At least part of the strands of hair in girls should always be tidied up, especially for medium and long ones. These are the rules in all schools, and they go far from the origins of our history. When the hair is tied up in a bow, this personifies a holiday and discipline. School is a regime and order. When we go to school, it is necessary to start every day with this first ritual of self-discipline – brushing our hair. Then everything will be under control, both hair and study.

In ancient Russia, it was believed that hair removed from the face would bring the owner more health and energy.

Large white round bows for many may not be the most stylish and modern option, because the image will not always look harmonious on a girl with an accessory larger than her head, so it is better to choose smaller and more neutral hair bows.

Two-tone bows will be in harmony with many looks, suitable for clothes of different colors and styles. Girls will be able to wear the uniform even after the holiday if you choose the right hair accessory.

A satin bow with an elastic band no wider than 13-17 cm will be universal, and if you consider the options in a set of two pieces 7-8 cm wide, then such accessories can be worn throughout the school year.

White and blue bows make the image more strict and this allows you to wear them every day, unlike white purely festive bows.

And festive and for every day!

A bow is one of the few accessories that remains unchanged for schoolgirls on Knowledge Day for a long time.

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