Most women monitor the beauty and health of their facial skin and use various tools and tools for this. However, very often it turns out to be difficult to choose an effective way of skin care among the huge number of products presented, which should be a woman’s helper. Now ultrasonic devices for facial cleansing are gaining immense popularity, and we will tell about them.

Why is ultrasonic cleaning so effective?

The device for ultrasonic cleaning creates high-frequency vibrations and transmits them through a metal spatula to the skin of the face. This effect allows you to destroy and remove dead skin cells, thereby cleansing the upper layer of the epidermis. Ultrasound increases blood circulation, as a result of which nutrients, such as protein, collagen, begin to be produced more actively. Small wrinkles are smoothed out, the tone becomes smoother, blood microcirculation improves. Weak vibrations expel impurities from the pores, remove black spots without injuring the skin.

Previously, ultrasonic cleaning procedures were carried out mainly in salons, but now manual devices have become more affordable, and many women have begun to use them at home. It is noteworthy that the correct use of such devices at home is no less effective way of cleaning than going to the salon, but it helps to save a lot. A one-time ultrasound cleaning by a cosmetologist costs on average from 1,500 rubles, while the cost of the devices is in the range of 1,500–2,000 rubles.

How to choose an ultrasonic cleaner and use it correctly?

Many devices have several functions at once: soft facial cleansing, lifting, deep facial cleansing, nutrient delivery.

When choosing a device, pay attention to the frequency of ultrasound, professional and semi-professional devices have a frequency in the range of 24-30 kHz. An important aspect is the presence of several functions at once, this will expand the possibilities of cleaning at home.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the procedure, use a special ultrasonic cleaning gel, it will improve the conduction of ultrasonic waves into the deeper layers of the skin.

The gentle (daily) cleaning mode can be used regularly to maintain clean skin. Deep cleaning should be done 1-2 times a week. Do not forget about daily care, in combination with ultrasonic cleaning, you can achieve clean and radiant skin.

Do not put off the opportunity to carry out effective procedures at home, the sooner you discover uz-cleaning, the sooner you will get clear skin. Try the NICEMICO device.