What is the point of buying reusable face pads if disposable ones are made from cotton, which means they easily decompose in nature? This is a good question, and the answer is not obvious.

Using a Reusable Flannel Facial Cotton Pad

The problem with disposable discs is their disposability. Such a disk lasts a maximum of two days, if a diligent hostess divides it into halves. Then it goes to the general pile of garbage in a landfill. There, it releases landfill gas because it enters an airless environment. The cotton disposable disc begins to poison the air.

Meanwhile, cotton is already growing for his new brothers. Thousands of hectares of inorganic cheap cotton that occupies a limited resource – fertile land. Crops are generously flavored with herbicides and pesticides. Cotton is a water drink. It must be watered 200 days a year. So one T-shirt takes ~ 2700 liters of water. A pack of disposable discs is less, but still, but still.

Growing cotton requires a lot of effort and a lot of resources

While discarded disks emit a miasma of landfill gas, and new cotton, disks from which almost immediately end up in the trash, takes up space, requires water, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, I use reusable facial disks.

When I decided to make them, I made a few pieces for myself. This happened in May 2020. My discs have been serving for two years! In fairness, I must say that I do not use them every day, but about 2-3 times a week. But still, but still!

I feel so happy and warm when I think about how many CDs I didn’t throw away and how many new ones I didn’t buy! And it’s even warmer when I see that more and more girls prefer reusable to disposable. Together we make the world a better place, thank you for your trust, purchases and reviews!