It is well known that if you do not implement your plan within 72 hours, it will most likely remain unfulfilled. More often than not, you are missing some tools, or the very thought of how many additional steps you have to take brings a headache in advance. But there is always a way out. If on a weekend evening you had a crazy thought, for example, to hang a vintage vinyl envelope on the wall, and there were no Command or ground hooks in the house Bostik Quelyd Blu Tack, there’s absolutely no need for ego to a 24-hour building hypermarket for traditional fastening. With the help of improvised materials, you can organize hangings no worse, and sometimes even more spectacular than in an art gallery. A suitable wall mount for a photo frame can even be found in a wardrobe.

Sarah Greenman

Closet trouser hanger
There are various modifications of the hanger with a clip – with a solid wooden plank (and a velvet lining on the inside), with two metal clips. Theoretically, you can use both options, but in our opinion, wooden planks on the wall look more presentable.

On such an impromptu clip, you can send any images on a rigid, well-kept basis. For example, photos on foam board.

Home photo gallery: Print it beautifully

Asking price: 29 rubles at IKEA
* hereinafter the cost as of summer 2015

Sarah Greenman

Recommendations for building a composition are more or less standard. To do it right, you can hang a single hanger for a single picture on a screw with a dowel, place a paired composition, or group it according to the principle of a ladder.

Kate Hansen Photography

Shannon Malone

Office tablet with clip
Unlike a trouser hanger, flatbeds can be used for images on thin paper: the base itself will serve as a sufficient guide. The main disadvantage of the solution is in the orientation of the tablet: it assumes that you hang a standard A4 sheet here strictly vertically. A horizontal drawing that extends beyond the edges of the tablet will look careless.

Advice: The artist’s shop sells special planner tablets. Firstly, they are made of thin plywood (they look wooden, and this distinguishes them from plastic office tablets). Secondly, they are made to fit A3 sketches – you can hang larger works on the wall. True, the orientation will only be landscape.

Asking price: 230 rubles here

Laura Hardin

Under a stack of books
Often, Western blogs use a spectacular technique – a photo frame with a picture on a shelf. Usually, a furniture frame is used to place the mount – a screw is screwed into a shelf or a vertical rack of a cabinet.

We suggest not to perforate the furniture. It is enough to find a long nail and crush it with a heavy stack of books on the top shelf. Try to hang the picture on a fishing line, if necessary – increase the weight of the “cargo”.

Asking price: cost per nail

Design Solutions

Tailor hanging
An impromptu mesh clip on the wall can be created by rummaging through a needlework box. You will need a skein of linen elastic tape (“rubber band” in common parlance) and a pack of push pins or small studs for fastening at intersections and at baseboards.

A similar method can be used in the hallway or for an accent wall in the family kitchen: the photo can be combined with numerous children’s drawings.

Advice: Elastic bands for shoulder straps are wider than traditional ones (18 mm). They are often made with a decorative edge and made colored – they look much more spectacular on the wall.

Asking price: 35 rubles – 1 m tape for straps

Carolyn Reyes

Hook to the old frame
If there are old holes in the wall, but there is no desire to drill new ones, try checking the level for the possibility of placing the second row of paintings under the first, whether the images will hang too low. If the first holes were placed at a sufficient height, feel free to attach the hooks to the bottom of the frame and use them to place the next picturesque row.

If there are no traditional hooks in the box with construction tools, hook screws or ring screws can be a way out: they will work great with wooden stretchers.

Asking price: hook for constipation – 27 rubles at Leroy Merlin

Framed money clip
If you already have them, and you habitually use a traditional wallet, use money clips for wall decor. Glue in the right places with double-sided tape or liquid nails. To arrange the exposure, we recommend adding empty stretchers. This way you will be able to play with the image format, without having to adhere to certain boundaries of the work itself.
The solution is suitable for images on a dense basis.

Kate Hansen Photography

Decorative clothespin
The development of the same idea is a beautiful clothespin on the wall. If you arrange a picture in a passe-partout, there is no need even for a separate frame on the wall – you can, on the contrary, play by hanging.

You can turn absolutely any wooden clothespin into a decorative one: pick up felt-tip pens and draw something on the surface. Or stick on an unusual decor.

Asking price: from 3 rubles for one decorative clothespin here

Jennifer Bishop Design

A variant of the development of this idea is a clothespin fixed on an existing base. In the example in the photo, the base is a vintage trellis that was once part of a birdcage. But you can use any alternative solutions.

Corynne Pless

Sweet as a Candy

And, of course, the technique repeated many times in blogs (and therefore rather boring) is to hang the photo, as in a photo workshop: when the pictures were really printed by hand, rinsed in a developer and kept in a fixer, the wet image had to be dried. Today, a rope with photographs is nothing more than a decoration and a tribute to traditions.

Mclean & Tircuit Designs

Fastening on the board by surprise
An excellent solution for those who are forbidden to drill walls by the owners of a rented apartment. Go to the construction market, buy a pine edged or planed board. On the spot, cut down to the height of the ceiling of your room (do not rely on preliminary measurements, you will most likely have to “catch” millimeters anyway). If desired, you can paint in a contrasting wall color, as was done in the photo.

Advice: For greater reliability, glue the bar to the wall at least near the baseboard and under the ceiling.

Asking price: 105 rubles / board 3 m here

Maison Design+Build

A combination of two ideas at once: clamps on a board that are nailed to a plank fixed along the wall.

Faneuil Kitchen Cabinet

Theoretically, you can hang anything on an empty wall, even a garden fence. And already to him to nail the required number of mounts for photo frames, as in this living room.

clean design

Katherine Sable Design

curtain string
You probably don’t even realize that you can hang a lot of useful things in a children’s room on a curtain string. First of all – drawings (which sooner or later becomes very much). Clip-on clips for fastening light curtains are usually sold in the same department: they will perfectly hold sheets of masterpieces.

An important advantage of the cornice-string is that it is easily mounted in the inner corner and on walls of complex configuration.

Asking price: curtain string 350 rubles, curtain hooks – 120 rubles for 24 pieces, corner fastening – 200 rubles at IKEA