How to connect a hard drive to a computer - tips everyone should know

If you learn how to solve a simple problem, how to connect a hard drive to a computer, you can fix a capricious device yourself or install an additional hard drive to increase internal memory. For installation work, you will need a simple screwdriver and general knowledge about the simple device of the system unit.

Connecting a hard drive to a computer

Winchester, HDD, and hard drive are different names for the same data storage device. On this drive, all information is stored permanently, it does not disappear after turning off the power and can be deleted by the user. Here you throw off your music, series, photos and valuable documents. If you know how to connect a hard drive to a computer, then even in the event of a serious PC breakdown, you will be able to remove the HDD and transfer important data to other devices in just a few minutes.

How to connect a hard drive to a computer:

  1. Turn off the system side and disconnect all wires.
  2. Remove the side cover of the system unit.
  3. Having reached the inside of your PC, pay attention to the lower right zone, here are the bays for mounting the HDD.
  4. We insert the hard drive into a free slot and fasten it to the frame with screws on both sides.
  5. We make sure that the necessary connectors are always facing the inside of our block.
  6. The next step in the task “How to connect a hard drive to a computer” is to connect the drive to the motherboard and power. For this purpose, there are SATA or IDE cables.
  7. The power and interface connectors on the hard drive are located side by side, but differ in size, it is impossible to confuse them.
  8. It is advisable to connect the cables carefully until it stops; in case of an error, turn the connector over to the right side.
  9. The connectors on the motherboard are located at the bottom and in most cases are labeled.
  10. Connect the end of the power cable to the hard drive.
  11. We close the system unit with a lid, connect the peripheral cables.
  12. When you turn it on, sometimes a new HDD is not detected, then you need to find it in the “Disk Management” section, format it, give it your name.

How to connect a second hard drive to a computer?

All units have several HDD slots arranged vertically one above the other. We mount the hard drive according to the same rules as in the previous instructions. In the standard version, several loops depart from the power supply, so the task of how to connect two hard drives at the same time is easily solved. Otherwise, you will have to purchase an inexpensive splitter.

Connecting a hard drive to a computer

How to connect a hard drive to a laptop?

Disks from a computer with a size of 3.5 ″ and a height of 25 mm will not fit inside the laptop; for this purpose, HDDs with a size of 2.5 ″ and a height of 9.5 mm are used. To replace or install a new drive, you need to turn the laptop over, disconnect the battery and remove the cover, freeing access to the hard drive. Next, we unscrew the fixing screws and we can remove the old drive or proceed directly to connecting a new drive.

How to connect an additional hard drive to a laptop:

  1. We place the chassis with the hard drive in a niche, connect it by pushing it all the way.
  2. We fix the hard drive in the bottom of the laptop with special screws.
  3. We install the battery.

How to connect a hard drive to a laptop

How to connect a second hard drive to a laptop?

The desire to increase the memory of their device arises among many users, but the size of a thin laptop does not allow it to be done in a convenient way, as on a personal computer. There are several ways to implement this idea, you need to deal with the components and choose the right option. Do not be afraid to make a mistake in which SATA to connect the second hard drive, in most cases, the devices are equipped with only one drive slot and a DVD drive slot.

Options for connecting a second hard drive to a laptop:

  1. In rare models, there is a seat for a second hard drive.
  2. We use adapters SATA-USB, SATA-IDE, IDE-USB. We supply power to the device with an additional cord.
  3. The use of factory HDD containers that allow you to connect a drive via a USB port. When buying this adapter pocket, you need to know the size of your drive, there are versions for 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches.
  4. Purchasing a ready-made portable external hard drive for your laptop.
  5. Remove the DVD drive and install a second hard drive instead.

How to connect an external hard drive to a laptop?

This method of expanding memory has significant advantages, you do not need to disassemble the device and use special adapters, so even beginners can quickly solve the problem of how to connect a hard drive to a laptop. We buy an external drive and get to work. Note that some models are powered from the mains and require a separate power supply.

How to connect a hard drive to a mobile computer:

  1. We connect the power to the external drive.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the hard drive.
  3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a free port.
  4. When the indicator lights up, the HDD is ready for operation.
  5. The disk is displayed on the laptop monitor.

Hard Drive Connection Types

The way devices interact over time changes, new formats constantly appear, which leads to problems how to connect a new HDD to a personal computer or laptop. Port sizes and connecting cables from an old device often do not fit a new hard drive. There are three main types of interface that are actively used on mobile or stationary PCs, it will not be difficult for a modern user to understand them.

Hard Drive Connection Types

How to connect a hard drive to a SATA computer?

SATA computers use reliable 7-pin data bus connectors and 15-pin power connectors. They are reliable and are not afraid of multiple connections. In the question of how many hard drives can be connected to a computer, it all depends on the number of ports on the motherboard. Interface cables to the disk and motherboard are connected in the same way. There are several versions of SATA with different bandwidth:

  • SATA I – 1.5 Gb / s;
  • SATA II – 3 Gb / s;
  • SATA III – 6 Gb / s;

How to Connect a Hard Drive to a SATA Computer

How to connect an IDE hard drive?

IDE interfaces have been used since the 80s, their bandwidth is low by today’s standards – up to 133 MB / s. Now they have been replaced everywhere by new versions of high-speed SATA ports. IDE devices are found mainly on budget boards and low-end PCs. Due to the fact that users still have a lot of old-style drives, they have to solve the problem with their compatibility. The best option is to connect an IDE hard drive to a new generation cable without installing additional drivers – use a modern SATA-IDE adapter.

How to connect an IDE hard drive

Connecting a hard drive via USB

The easiest way to work is with a special external USB drive, which does not require additional devices. If you connect a standard HDD from a PC or laptop, you need an adapter. It looks like a box made of a metal or plastic case; when assembled, this device differs little from a standard external hard drive. A 3.5-inch drive is often connected without a box, using a direct adapter cable. If one hard drive is not enough, then the problem of how to connect the HDD to the computer is solved using a docking station for several disks.

Connecting a hard drive via USB