How to paint walls without smudges? How to arrange an even joint with a ceiling cornice? These questions are probably asked by anyone who decides to update the interior with their own hands using a can of paint and a roller or brush. However, despite the many tips and master classes, the result may not be perfect at all. If your decision to paint remains unchanged, then should be worked out design painting walls in apartment.

But what if the potential disadvantages, on the contrary, aggravate? We offer several design methods painting the walls in the apartment (with photo), which are worth adopting.

Rikki Snyder

Time to stop
We started painting the wall – drop this business halfway. It does not have to be completely painted. You can, as in the example in the photo, set yourself a frame in advance and limit the painting perimeter with masking tape. And you can do without it – let the edges turn out to be uneven.

Advice: Paint deliberately sloppy all the walls – or just one, which will become the brightest accent in the interior. If you want carelessness only in details, paint the entire wall evenly with the exception of the upper edge near the ceiling itself.

with breaks
Not completely painted over, as if shabby and battered by time, the walls also look spectacular. Especially if the surface is brick or stone (or successfully imitates one or the other). So, armed with a brush, you don’t have to try too hard – and the interior will immediately acquire a touch of rustic or loft style.


Draw a Gradient
Paint overlaps, which are usually considered a defect, may not spoil, but decorate the interior. It is even better to paint with several shades at once – get a fashionable wall design in the apartment.

Idea: Create an ombre effect with smooth color transitions from dark to light – or just use two or three harmoniously combined shades when working.

Agsia Design Group

Let it flow
The apogee of careless painting is a wall with paint streaks from floor to ceiling. This finish resembles street graffiti and turns an ordinary wall into a real art object. A “leaky” surface can even be left empty and not decorated with anything – it is so beautiful and self-sufficient in itself.

Advice: Choose one primary color as the background, and let the contrasting color paint flow freely from top to bottom.

By the way, you can add colored paint streaks not only to walls, but also to individual interior items. For example, flower pots and planters. Just dip the planter in the paint, turn it over and let the drops drip off.

Another option is to draw the “paths” with your own hands. Follow the same principle as when decorating a cake with cream roses or baking meringues. Pour the paint into the “syringe” (a transparent envelope file with a cut off corner will do) and draw to your health. Finish unpainted areas with a brush.

Abigail Ahern

Like clockwork
Turn the walls of the room into an artistic canvas – paint them with large strokes in the spirit of impressionism. The plot for such a “picture” is optional, you also do not need special drawing abilities. Choose colors that are pleasing to the eye – and go!

Advice: If the result obtained is somewhat embarrassing, the most unsuccessful strokes can be hidden. For example, hang on these sections of the wall frames with photos – or with paintings of all the same impressionists.

bright splashes
To refresh the interior, it is enough to place bright accents by “staining” the walls and ceiling with splashes of paint. The reception is guaranteed to attract the attention of guests and help hide minor surface defects: for example, minor traces of a “flood” caused by neighbors from above.

Erika Bierman Photography

Where will the curve lead
The combined painting of the walls of an apartment in two colors is a painstaking task that requires great care and attention. After all, the line must be drawn perfectly evenly, parallel to the floor. Or not? The uneven border of two colors looks funny and lively, gives dynamics to the interior and helps to emphasize separate zones of one room.

DIY Network

Uneven lines can also decorate individual items – cabinets in the kitchen, cabinets in the bedroom, tables in the living room, headboards. The image on the chest of drawers with a photo resembles a stylized landscape, but the painted pattern can be anything: wavy lines with clear edges, diagonals with uneven borders, abstraction in two or five colors at once, etc.

Are your hands trembling with excitement before such a responsible event as a repair? Great, so it’s time to start.

Do you like interiors in which the walls are painted creatively? Perhaps you yourself live in such a place? Share your opinion and photos of creative walls in the comments section!