bath mat

Choosing a bathroom rug is a responsible task. Bathroom conditions require special functionality from this piece of furniture. There is high humidity in the room, most often the floor covering is a smooth tile or cold ceramics. In addition, in the bathroom, rugs need more frequent sanitization. And, of course, every housewife wants the bathroom rug to be beautiful and fit harmoniously into the interior.

The material from which it is made is of decisive importance when choosing a rug.

Rubber mats

Getting injured in the bathroom, and especially in the shower, is a common occurrence. The bath mat must have anti-slip properties. Rubber and rubber mats have this quality. Rubber bath mats have another useful property: the material is an excellent insulator. Standing on such a mat, you can safely use a hair dryer and other electrical appliances.

Silicone mats

Significantly reduce the sliding effect, and, as a result, the likelihood of injury, silicone bath mats. Such rugs are outwardly unusual: transparent and translucent, and due to the presence of suction cups on the reverse side, they are securely fixed. The silicone rubber from which the mat is made has a number of other useful qualities: it is hypoallergenic, resistant to electricity and does not deform even at extreme temperatures. The silicone mat washes well and does not lose color saturation.

Roll mats

PVC mats are commercially available, both individually and in rolls. Rolled bath mats are convenient: you can purchase the footage you need. These rugs do not slip. In addition, they are very durable, easy to clean, so it will not be difficult for you to keep your bathroom clean. Another important quality – rugs are very cheap, periodically changing them, you can modify the interior of the bathroom.

Acrylic rugs

Wool-like acrylic bath mats feel great when you step on them with bare feet. Acrylic mats perfectly retain their shape, color, and are resistant to washing and detergents. Hygienists note another important property of acrylic – it stimulates active points on human skin, so when walking on such a surface, you get an additional foot massage (especially if the length of the pile is different). Acrylic rugs have a rubberized backing, making them safe to use in the bathroom.

Cotton rugs

The cotton bath mat is especially soft thanks to the mini loops that give it a fluffy feel. They instantly dry the feet, let the air through. The cotton mat is always made on a silicone basis, which ensures the anti-slip qualities of the product.

Bamboo rugs

Natural raw materials without the admixture of synthetic fibers ensure the ecological qualities of the bamboo bath mat. Bamboo products have the ability to relieve static stress. Also, the rug has high antibacterial rates.

Microfiber mats

Microfiber bath mat has antibacterial and antifungal properties, thanks to which it is a reliable protection against fungal infections of the feet and nails, as well as other skin diseases. Of course, microfiber rugs are not cheap, but if you care about the health of your loved ones, then it is quite possible to purchase such a rug.

Heated mats

Heated rugs are essential for bathrooms that have cold floors. In addition, if your child is a mess, and has a habit of staying in the bathroom for a long time, and at the same time he is not in favor of slippers, you just definitely need to purchase this product. In fact, a heated mat is a household appliance (there is an insulated heatingbathroom rug element). There is no need to be afraid that a short circuit may occur when wet, since the voltage of 12 volts is safe, and the cover has moisture-proof properties.

Rubberized mats

Those who have a washing machine in the bathroom, and possibly other electrical appliances (for example, a heater) simply need rubberized bathroom mats. Such a product has anti-vibration qualities, ensures the stability of the machine and absorbs the noise emitted by the device.

The bathroom, along with its functional purpose, is a place of rest and relaxation, so make it comfortable and cozy!