It just so happened that we are ready to start repairs only when both the furniture and the decoration are already in a deplorable state. And if at home everything is more or less clean, tidy and functioning, but it has long been boring and boring, You can’t wait for repairs from us. We stubbornly do not want to admit to ourselves that we have long been tired of the once beloved atmosphere and decor. Why change something? After all, repairs are long, dirty and expensive.

We assure you, not always. We have collected for you easy-to-implement ideas for decorating an apartment with your own hands. They are able to cheer up even the most dull room. Act decisively, and a good mood will not keep you waiting!

Rebecca Hayes

Paste the new wallpaper over the old
No need to peel off the wallpaper or level the wall – stick new ones on top of the old ones. Often it is these preliminary works that discourage any desire to make repairs – while the wallpaper is still holding, we are literally too lazy to touch them.

True, you can stick wallpaper on top of the wallpaper only in the case of a paper coating (nothing will stick to bulky foamed vinyl). Another important point: make sure that old wallpaper will not show through the new wallpaper.

It is not necessary to paste over the entire room – it is enough to make a new coating on one wall. For example, behind the head of the bed in the bedroom, nursery or behind the TV in the living room.

How else can you decorate the wall behind the headboard

Louise de Miranda

Do patchwork wallpaper wall
Anti-crisis decoration – collect the remnants of unnecessary wallpaper rolls from friends and acquaintances (believe me, everyone has one). The result is unpredictable, but so much the better! – you will get a real wall of friendship.
Pick up “patches” of different colors, patterns and textures, and then stick them on part of the wall. The proportion between the glued and unglued area should be 2:3, never 1:1.

ijzersterk interieurontwerp

Add an accent spot
A bright spot made with paint will enliven any room. It is not necessary to paint the entire wall: it takes a long time, and besides, you risk getting tired of it quickly. Apply the new color only half the height or even a third – exactly as long as the can of paint remaining from the repair lasts.

Erika Bierman Photography

You need very little paint – just paint at least a wall 20 cm above the sofa (see photo).

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Seymour-Smith Architects

If your shelving unit doesn’t have a back wall, repaint the wall behind it in a new contrasting color.

Lanny Nagler Photography

Draw an outline
Paint can circle a niche in the kitchen, a window frame, a headboard and much more. To draw the strip neatly, be sure to use a level (for a straight line) and stock up on masking tape.

An alternative design option is to stick a strip of colored paper tape over the wall with wallpaper. Ask for washi-tape, or Japanese scotch tape, at hobby and art stores.

ras-a, inc.

Order vinyl stickers to your liking
In fact, this is a “first aid kit” for changing the mood in the room. Stickers are a very effective solution. But they will suit you only if nothing else “happens” on the wall. It is better if the walls are plain. But stickers are definitely contraindicated for a large pattern on the wallpaper.

Irina Tatarnikova Decor

Organize a permanent exhibition
Another way to decorate an empty wall is to hang photo frames. A seemingly chaotic, careless gallery will make the interior more personal. The exposure can be changed at least every month: thanks to Instagram, everyone has plenty of funny pictures.

Laura Kirar Design

Put decorations on the shelf
If you have plenty of photographs and paintings, but you are not at all sure that you can effectively group the exhibits, hang the shelves in several lines. They will create a platform for all the things and accessories that inspire you at the moment. And every time you want something new, just rearrange or completely change the composition. In addition, you do not have to once again make holes in the walls.


Adding “art”
It is not necessary to spend money on paintings in baguettes – the role of a work of art in a modern interior will be successfully performed by a poster with an unusual quote or even just a piece of bright textile on a stretcher. By the way, it can also be a colorful rug – only if it does not resemble grandmother’s tapestries with deer.

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Let the pattern across the ceiling
Raise your head – there is so much room for your imagination on the ceiling. The ceiling can be pasted over with wallpaper with a pattern, painted in one or more colors, and also applied with acrylic paint patterns on a stencil.

Adeeni Design Group

ceiling application
If you like crafting with your hands, come up with appliqués for the ceiling. For their manufacture, you can use paper, cardboard, fabric, and also foam. The easiest way to fix applications to the ceiling is with double-sided tape.

Dembowski & Tikhonova Architects

Glue decorative molding
If you have always liked ceiling moldings, feel free to mount a thin molding on the ceiling. The fragments are quite light and durable, in addition, they can be glued to the ceiling using “liquid nails”.
This solution is suitable for painted (whitewashed) or suspended plasterboard ceilings: after installing the stucco molding, we recommend repainting the ceiling.

Ingrained Wood Studios

Stencil or sticker on the ceiling
If your plans do not include the area of ​​u200bu200bthe entire ceiling, you can decorate only the space around the chandelier. Use a stencil – it’s very easy. Attach it to the ceiling with tape and paint over with paint (including acrylic or spray paint). An even more “lazy” option is the same vinyl stickers.

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