Terry towels - what is it, features of different types, how to choose, rating of the best manufacturers

Comfort in the house depends on many things – a soft carpet underfoot, flowing curtains, cute trinkets placed on the shelves. Comfort in the bathroom is unthinkable without pleasant little things, and terry towels are not the last place in the must-have item rating.

What are terry towels?

Terry cloth looks like a looped fabric; bedding, bath sets, slippers, bathrobes and even sheets are made from it. Modern cotton terry towels are a quality product that is environmentally friendly and has good absorbent properties. The massage effect, which does not irritate human skin, is considered a big plus of such products. Now terry products have appeared, which include linen and bamboo, they are particularly tender, do not have synthetic impurities and are very pleasant to the touch.

what are terry towels

Types of terry towels

The textile industry market is constantly developing, there are many types of terry cloth products. It is convenient for some housewives to purchase towels in discord, choosing those that are most needed at the moment. Sets of terry towels are convenient because they contain different sizes of products. Standard set for one person includes:

  • large bath towel;
  • towel for hands and face;
  • foot towel.

Bath towels

A towel that can cover 2/3 of the entire human body with dimensions of 70×140 cm is called a bath towel. Considered an item of daily hygiene, such a product must meet certain requirements. It should be soft and not lose its properties after washing, and this depends on the material used to make the towel. The hotel set always includes a colored or white terry towel, which is recommended to be changed after 3-4 uses, and completely disposed of after 3 years.

bath terry towels

Kitchen towels

Kitchen textiles must meet certain requirements, terry towels for the kitchen must be soft and retain the brightness of the color. The recognized size of a kitchen towel is 50×70 cm, you can find on sale table napkins for a square or rectangular kitchen 30×30 or 30×50 cm. Blends of linen and cotton have proven themselves in composition, such kitchen fabrics are durable, rarely shed and absorb moisture well. The interlacing of threads of different textures and densities allows you to choose a unique product for a particular kitchen interior.

kitchen towels

Children’s terry towels

Safety is the main parameter that fabrics for the smallest should have. A soft terry towel is an object that daily comes into contact with the delicate skin of the baby. Double-sided weave and bright patterns, applications in the form of favorite characters can make using a towel pleasant and teach a child to bathe. Daily use and storage in a bathroom with high humidity make it necessary to regularly wash children’s clothes with the addition of a gentle detergent.

baby terry towels

How to choose a good terry towel?

The choice of textiles for the home is a responsible task. It is not always possible to check the characteristics of products in the store. To choose high-quality towels, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The density of terry towels shows how much cotton is contained in a square meter of the product. The optimal value for home textiles is 450-550 g/m². These parameters are not always indicated on the labels; you can find out the density of the towel at home by weighing the product. For example, you can indicate that a towel weighing 490 g with dimensions of 70×40 cm has a density of 500 g / m², which is considered the norm.
  2. The ideal pile length for terry products is 5 mm. If the loops are shorter, the towel will be rough and unpleasant to the touch, and will wear out quickly. Long loops do not show themselves well in operation, such terry towels seem fluffy, but after washing they become rough and lose their appearance.
  3. Quality products look presentable, do not have crooked lines and raw edges.
  4. The composition of the fabric of home towels is a very important indicator. Synthetics negatively affect the health of all family members, children are most susceptible to allergic reactions. Experts advise to carefully study the labels and trust trusted manufacturers.
  5. Do not be shy to touch the product with your hands. The best terry towels have a soft and fluffy surface, pleasant to the touch, this is an indicator of decent quality.
  6. The uniformity of the canvas is an important indicator. Line gaps, bald spots in an expensive towel are unacceptable.

Terry towel – dimensions

Understanding which products to give preference to, you can get confused in the variety of sizes. The choice depends on the purpose for which a towel is needed, how often it will be used. Many countries have adopted standards for the length and width of products that differ slightly from others. The standard sizes of terry products are as follows:

  1. Toilet napkins, which are used in bathrooms for drying hands, with dimensions of 30×50 or 30×30 cm.
  2. Universal kitchen towels have dimensions of 50×70 cm.
  3. Terry face towels, convenient for use after washing – 50×90 or 50×85 cm.
  4. Small shower towels measuring 50×100 cm.
  5. Medium shower towels 70×140 cm.
  6. Standard bath towels 80×160 cm.
  7. Large terry towels for the bath, which can be wrapped entirely, 100×150 cm.
  8. Beach towels that can be used as sheets and bedspreads come in sizes from 175 cm wide to 250 cm long.

rating of terry towels

The stores offer a huge range of terry products, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The TOP-5 of the best companies specializing in the production of home textiles include the following companies:

  1. Hobby is a Turkish company producing terry house towels since 1976. The popularity of the brand is confirmed by thousands of fans around the world. Bright high-quality products annually become winners at international exhibitions.
  2. Hobby

  3. Cleanelly – a domestic brand known since 1978, successfully developing and representing products of the European level. Affordable prices, a wide range and excellent quality delight customers.
  4. Cleanelly

  5. TAS is a Turkish company producing high quality terry towels known all over the world. Excellent absorbent properties make the textiles of this company flawless, and beautiful colors attract the attention of buyers.
  6. TAS

  7. Fidget – a brand that provides products of various formats from terry sheets to napkins. Bright colors with the image of their favorite characters are loved by children, and the quality and environmental friendliness will delight parents. Towels are made from natural materials.
  8. fidget

  9. Greek brand Togas has been improving its products for over 80 years. This company at home is considered a real empire for the production of home textiles, and is successfully conquering the international market.
  10. Togas

How to wash terry towels?

You should know and follow the rules for caring for home textiles, this is a guarantee that towels will last a long time and delight with their softness and bright color. Kitchen napkins and toilet towels need to be laundered regularly. Any housewife should know how to wash terry towels from stains. To preserve color and softness, you must follow simple rules:

  1. Special detergent in liquid format or special capsules is best for washing towels.
  2. The washing mode for towels is suitable for the standard one, in which water is not saved, an additional rinse with the addition of an air conditioner will make your favorite textiles fluffy and soft.
  3. The question at what temperature to wash terry towels is very important. White products are perfectly washed at 60 ° C, color – 40 ° C. Hot water makes towels hard and damages the fabric.
  4. The use of laundry balls helps to fluff up the fabric, making the terry cloth pleasant to the touch.
  5. The spin speed is allowed no more than 500 revolutions.

Caring for terry towels

Home textiles require proper care, general recommendations for the storage of terry products are known to all good housewives. It is not recommended to store terry towels with other dirty things, as they absorb odors well. They should be washed separately, following the recommendations indicated on the labels, so it will be possible to maintain the brightness of the color and softness. It is necessary to dry clean sets of terry towels in the fresh air, laying them out on hot radiators you can get hard rags instead of soft and fluffy textiles.

Do terry towels need to be ironed after washing?

Experts are inclined to believe that in order for home towels to retain their original appearance longer, they should not be ironed. High temperatures have a negative effect on textiles. Strong pressure during ironing of terry towels for hands and face leads to deformation of the loops that make up the fabric. The villi on the terry cloth become hard and coarse, the softness of the product disappears, the absorbency deteriorates, and the towel ceases to perform its main functions.

How to make terry towels soft and fluffy?

Hard water affects the quality of towels negatively. If it is not clear how to make terry towels soft after washing, you should use simple tips and folk remedies.

  1. After rinsing the products in cool water, adding 1/2 tbsp. vinegar in a bucket of water, you can return the towels to their original appearance.
  2. Ordinary salt shows good results – washing and rinsing in salted water makes textiles soft and fluffy.
  3. If you don’t have time for extra rinsing, you can soak the towels in cold water overnight and hang them outside to dry in the morning.

how to make terry towels soft and fluffy

How to remove smell from terry towels?

It is inevitable that terry bath towels will smell when left wet after a shower. Experts consider this cause of unpleasant amber to be the most common after improper washing of terry towels, ingrained dirt, and high humidity in the room. After the next wash, the first measures to eliminate the problem are:

  1. Change of place for drying towels.
  2. Reducing humidity in the bathroom, ventilation.
  3. Proper drying – in a straightened form will provide maximum air access.
  4. Prevention of unpleasant smell in the washing machine.

How to bleach terry towels?

Clean and fresh kitchen napkins are suitable for any interior, and are always in demand in the household. Each hostess is faced with the question of how to bleach terry towels at home, because they get dirty quickly and do not wash well. Cotton responds well to bleaches and stain removers, but you can use proven grandmother’s methods.

  1. It is necessary to prepare two basins with boiled water. In one, add grated laundry soap, in the second, potassium permanganate, so that the color of the water turns red. Mix the contents of both basins. Dip kitchen towels in the resulting solution for 6 hours, then remove, rinse and dry.
  2. Soaking with the addition of vegetable oil makes dirty towels snow-white. For 15 liters of boiling water, add 2/3 tbsp. washing powder, 3 tbsp. spoons of bleach, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 tbsp. spoons of vinegar essence. It is allowed to replace vinegar with soda. Mix all the contents well and soak dry towels in the solution overnight.
  3. Another way to bleach textiles without boiling a large volume of water is to rub towels with laundry soap, put them in a bag, squeezing out excess air. After a day, wash in the washing machine without adding powder.

how to bleach terry towels

How to finish the edges of a terry towel?

When sewing towels from terry cloth, an important issue is the processing of the edge of the finished product. Using an overlock or zigzag stitch is the easiest way to avoid fraying, but on gift terry towels, such an edge looks unpresentable. Other edge processing methods are also allowed:

  1. The voluminous edge is obtained if the fabric is tucked and stitched.
  2. Purchased or homemade bias binding provides a nice and neat edge.
  3. Fringe on a towel is easy to do: along the edge of the product, lay a line at a distance of about 3 cm, and pull out the threads, cutting the edge with sharp scissors.