Winter mode on plastic windows - what is it, why do you need to make changes?

Replacing wooden and aluminum window systems with PVC products has become very popular with home and apartment owners. At the same time, not all owners know the rules for their operation and the fact that there is a summer and winter regime on plastic windows.

What is winter mode on plastic windows?

After installing new window systems, a good master will definitely tell you about the rules for using them. One of the important points is the adjustment of PVC windows depending on the season. There are three main ways to use them:

  1. Winter mode on PVC windows assumes the tightest fit of the sash to the frame. It reliably protects from street dust and drafts. In this case, the degree of wear of the seal will be high.
  2. With the standard method, the seal is slightly compressed. It can be used year-round, considering only that the wear of components will be higher than in summer.
  3. The summer position does not imply a tight fit of the sash. Thanks to this, the so-called micro-ventilation functions, the level of friction is minimal. Professionals recommend using a loose fit whenever possible.

what is winter mode on plastic windows

Do I need to convert windows to winter mode?

The need to switch the modes of plastic windows in some inhabitants causes an ambiguous reaction. Experts explain such manipulations as follows:

  1. The “winter” mode on plastic windows is necessary to reduce heat loss at home during the cold season.
  2. A weak or summer position allows you to extend the life of the system, as it creates a minimum load on the fittings. It may not save from street dust and noise.

How to check the mode of plastic windows?

Initially, the “winter-summer” mode on plastic windows was installed only in the most expensive models. Now such a system is available on almost any fittings, except for the cheapest options. You can check its presence by the position of a special clamping mechanism called a trunnion or an eccentric. It enters the locking mechanism of the fittings and is located at the end on the side of the handle. With standard sash sizes, there are three of them: at the bottom, in the middle and at the top. In large wings, there may be more eccentrics.

Pins can be of different shapes:

  1. oval. When they are located vertically, the summer position is set, horizontally – winter, intermediate – standard.
  2. how to check the mode of plastic windows oval

  3. Round with a mark in the form of a risk or a dot. If it is turned towards the street, then the position is summer, if it is closer to the room, then it is winter.
  4. how to check the mode of plastic windows round

  5. Round, off-center, with multiple dots. Then you need to navigate along the largest one according to the same algorithm as with a regular round eccentric.
  6. how to check the mode of plastic windows are offset

Plastic window adjustment mechanisms

As a rule, switching plastic windows to winter mode is not a complicated procedure, so every user can easily handle it. Before adjustment, it is necessary to carry out a standard plastic profile maintenance procedure:

  • wash the frame from dust and debris;
  • wipe all metal components with a dry cloth;
  • apply vaseline or specialized lubricant to moving mechanisms;
  • evenly distribute the composition over the mechanism by opening and closing the sash several times;
  • Remove excess grease with a clean cloth.

How to adjust plastic windows for winter mode?

After cleaning and lubrication, you can proceed to the adjustment itself. To perform a simple procedure on how to set the winter mode on plastic windows, you need:

  1. Find all eccentrics and determine their current position.
  2. Using a special window key, an asterisk or pliers, turn the oval pin horizontally, and the round point towards the street.
  3. It is important to transfer all mechanisms to the winter strong mode on plastic windows in order to avoid their breakage.
  4. Check downforce with paper. Insert the sheet between the frame and the sash and close the window. If it passes freely, then the position is left for summer. With a snug fit, if you pull on the paper, it will tear.