There has long been a stereotype in interior design: you need to hang something over the fireplace. Raising our eyes from him, we instinctively look upstairs for a TV set, the antlers of an indispensable deer, or, in extreme cases, a picture in an elaborate frame. And what else? Various options are possible!

Interior design studio “Arch.Object”

We repel the attacks of everyday life
The owners of this wood-paneled living room behind the hearth opted for a thick-framed round mirror for two reasons. First, the flowing silhouette of the décor balances the straight lines and the austere finishes of the interior. Secondly, the mirror sets the final chord in creating a project with a classic accent: the design of the frame is in harmony with the wooden wall decoration, and the checkered pattern in the depths of the fireplace emphasizes that the owners are not at all against traditional textures. Well, at the same time, there is a little more light in the room – due to sunbeams.

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In this eclectic living room in deep blues, the mirror plays a different role. Framed and unframed paintings, souvenirs, handicrafts, stuffed animals on the walls – this chaos could and should have been put in order. The mirror above the portal drew the focus of attention to itself, marked the axis of symmetry and emphasized the relief of the wall. Imagine that another picture hangs over the fireplace: in this scenario, the interior will seem flat.

Horton & Co.

Robot Ball
Here, on the contrary, the paintings bring a playful note to the classic design with high bookshelves and moldings on the portal.

True, graphics were not the main decorative element in the interior. Take a closer look at the decor of the portal: two toy robots on the shelf set an ironic mood no worse than multi-colored prints in frames.

Jae Chang

Only benefit
A solution for small apartments and practical owners: you can hang a wardrobe above the fireplace. Modern models of bio-fireplaces take up little space: if you place it closer to the floor, a two-section cabinet can easily fit on top, with which you can do as you wish: leave the panels without decor to create a minimalist interior or finally build in a TV. Where would it be without him.

Christopher Developments

Seasonal decor
Remember at least one Christmas movie: in every house, wherever the characters go, there is sure to be a fireplace lavishly decorated with Christmas tree wreaths, garlands and knitted socks for gifts.

But seasonal décor can be less predictable: why not replace a banal Christmas wreath with an elegant wrought-iron snowflake? By the way, this approach is even more practical: if you remove the New Year’s decor immediately after the end of the school holidays, and the snowflake can remain on the wall as a symbol of winter even until March.


Caution: hot!
Original lamps are often used to diversify a laconic interior, but in this example we also see an interesting combination of accents. The flame of the fireplace (it can also be electric) plays and echoes with the barely noticeable minion lights of the lamp above the portal.

True, this sconce can hardly be called a full-fledged source of lighting: in order to illuminate the spacious white living room, a high inclined floor lamp appeared next to the fireplace.

Norman Design Group Inc.

Fire and Water
The opposite approach is to build a game on contrasts. For example, to contrast two elements, fire and water. Love the nautical theme? Complement the fireplace interior with port decor: for example, a model of a sailboat on the fireplace portal and a restaurant sign, as the owners of this living room did.


A fresh look at tradition
It’s hard to object to decorating the fireplace with paintings and photographs, but even this approach can be refreshed with a non-standard arrangement of decor. In this interior, the traditional picture moved down in the form of a fireplace screen, and an archival family photo took pride of place on the portal.

Design Bureau of Tatyana Alenina

Exhibition of achievements
The shelf above the fireplace is the perfect place to display souvenirs and collections. Here, strict masks not only showed the owners’ penchant for ethnic decor, but also put the final touch on the design of a calm modern living room.

CF+D custom fireplace design

Chimney for communication with space
If you are lucky enough to have a real chimney at your disposal, it is a sin not to take advantage of this. In this case, you can abandon the ordinary portal in favor of a futuristic model.

The raw metal pipe not only copes with its direct functions, but also turns a typical country living room into an eccentric author’s interior.

Elena Scherbakova

The original chimney above the fireplace became the main trump card of the guest space in the log house: this approach to the design of the portal made it possible to group chairs around an eccentric composition and turn the living room space into a full-fledged lounge area.

Polina Sudnitsyna

hello from the past
If you perceive the fireplace as a retro element in the interior of the corresponding style, you cannot do without other details that emphasize the connection of times. Classic upholstered armchairs, graceful chandeliers, soft textiles – these tools are used in interiors with history all the time. But the clock above the fireplace portal is an idea that is not without originality.

Abigail Ahern

Shocking in a square
The idea for those who are not afraid of experimental decor is to replace the traditional deer antlers with a real or fake one – this is already a matter of ethics – a skull. The owners of this living room have brought outrageousness to the absolute: the skull has taken its rightful place on the black wall above the black fireplace. Why not, if self-expression dictates such beautiful moves?

Adrienne DeRosa

Peace Avenue
For several years, designers began to decorate the house together with letter decor: this is how wooden signs with the inscription Love or Family appeared in every second bedroom, and optimistic slogans sparkled with neon light on the walls of the guest areas. Absolutely everyone liked this decorative scenario – apparently that’s why they got bored so quickly.

A fresh interpretation of the idea of ​​type decoration, and even with a street accent, is the city sign on the fireplace portal. It is not necessary to unscrew the plate from your own house under the cover of night: many printing companies make such plates to order.

Magnolia Homes

All in the house
The owners of this bedroom complemented the decorative portal for the fireplace with a wrought iron grate. There is, frankly, little practical use for the former headboard of a retro bed. But how much self-expression in one detail! In extreme cases, the lattice can be decorated with a garland on solemn occasions.


Parallel stroke
If a traditional fireplace with a portal to the floor of the wall seems old-fashioned to you, choose modern solutions. In this living room, a bio-fireplace was placed in a narrow black niche, and the same niche above it was supplemented with white ceramics. The result is a concise monochrome scenario that does not pretend to be superior to other decor in the interior. You can also arrange dishes in the kitchen.

Irina Tatarnikova Decor

Spirit of freedom
In high, especially country houses, a solid box for a fireplace looks boring – that is why here it was brought to the upper beveled windows and cut off. In order not to create a feeling of negligence, a birdcage with thin rods was placed above the portal.
Please note that the cage is empty, and the bird figurines are placed on the windowsills of the upper windows – why not a manifesto of freedom?

Marina Filippova Designs

Eco style
Considering the popular eco trend to decorate every corner of the apartment with branches and other natural materials, it is not surprising that in the end, bundles of decorative brushwood made their way to the fireplace. In this living room, black branches are tied in bunches and hung over a classic portal with a molding, thus enriching the active and ironic interior with an eco-accent.