Active speakers with usb input

Probably everyone now has modern acoustic systems – they are connected to a personal computer, TV, laptop, it is fashionable to take them with you to nature. Each of these types of columns has its own purpose. There are passive and active speakers, some of which are equipped with a USB output, in order to connect to the appropriate connector. Let’s find out what is their difference and advantage of the second over the first or vice versa.

What are active speakers?

Uninformed users do not even think about what columns they deal with daily. Most often these are active speakers. They are distinguished from passive ones by the fact that there is no need to purchase a special sound amplifier separately, thanks to which such a speaker will work.

The amplifier is small, and it is already built into the speaker, and sometimes into each of the speakers, thereby amplifying the sound. Such a speaker is easier to connect to the media, often has a usb output for working from a laptop or computer, and is perfect for most cases where relatively high-quality sound is required.

But often, the amplifier in the active speaker has little power and can even burn out at full load. This option is not suitable where powerful sound is required, such as, for example, for watching movies, playing games on a computer, or connecting a home theater.

Passive speakers, at first glance, have some difficulties, as they require the purchase of an amplifier in addition. In addition, if the user does not know how to connect all these devices later, they will have to look for a specialist to connect. But, they also have a tangible plus – such speakers are equipped with a powerful amplifier and have excellent sound.

How to choose active floorstanding speakers?

When purchasing speakers with a built-in amplifier / amplifiers, the user must decide on their power, as well as on what quadrature they will work. Since if you purchase a powerful device for a small room, this will not affect the sound quality in the best way, but will only greatly distort it and you will not get excellent sound.

Typically, these speakers are located behind and to the sides of the listeners, but not directed towards each other or the opposite wall, but at an angle – this should be taken into account, taking into account the situation in the room. In addition, these speakers are one-, two-, and three-way for smoother sound adjustment. There are even special formulas for calculating the power of the speakers relative to the size of the room.

But you should be aware that floor stereo systems give a fairly large sound error. Another thing – wall and ceiling active speakers. They are more likely to accurately convey sound due to their design and location. It is only important to choose the right and high-quality fasteners.

Active speakers for computer

The main parameters for choosing computer speakers are again their power and case material. To work in the office, you do not need a lot of power – 6W will be enough, but for home use it is better to purchase a 10W speaker. If active games and watching movies are planned, then speakers of 20-30 watts will do.

The best material for the body is wood. In such a frame, the speakers will work by absorbing unnecessary vibrations. But their price is slightly higher than plastic ones. Although the choice of design for plastic speakers is more than diverse.

An active outdoor speaker with a usb connection is often purchased with a laptop. It is not subject to any super-requirements, with the exception of power. Such a column can be used in any conditions, but at home, it will also come in handy, since the dynamics of the laptop itself are rather weak.

Active speakers for TV

It is clear that television speakers are designed for the highest quality sound transmission. It is influenced by the sensitivity of the speakers, their power, multi-band, case type. Speakers that are located on the walls are best suited for this purpose.