Band saw for wood - what it is, device, principle of operation, what it is used for, features of different types

Woodworking is a complex process that consists of many stages. Special devices can facilitate the work, for example, a band saw for wood helps to make a straight cut and is suitable for processing boards of various widths.

What is a band saw?

A tool that is designed to work both in a carpentry workshop and in a small garage – a wood band saw for a home workshop, is a metal sheet closed in a ring on which the teeth are notched, their height, location frequency, width of the blade determines the type saws and its ability to work with different materials. A band saw for wood is capable of processing logs and boards of such a width that does not lend itself to other types of saws – circular or frame saws, and can be used to work with other materials:

  • metal;
  • stone;
  • plastic.

Wood band saw device

Band-type sawmills are similar in their design. Professional tools differ in size and weight compared to home saws designed for domestic use in small workshops and hand-held units. Structurally, band saws consist of several nodes:

  1. Frame or bed – the body on which all the main elements are fixed.
  2. A work surface equipped with a ruler and an emphasis, which helps to regulate the correctness of the cut.
  3. Engine – drives the saw.
  4. A band saw blade for wood is put on a pulley and rotates at high speed.
  5. The control panel, lubrication system, protective cover are additional components that make the operation of the band saw safe and convenient.

wood band saw

The principle of operation of a band saw for wood

There are many types of sawmills working with wood. Understanding how a wood band saw works is essential to working properly with it. The toothed cutting blade rotates due to the motor, resulting in sawing of materials that come into contact with it. The performance of the band saw machine depends on the shape and height of the teeth located on the blade, on the engine power. Special sharpening of the teeth is necessary to clean the working blade from sawdust and prevent jamming of the saw.

What is a wood band saw for?

When choosing a tool for even sawing wood, special attention should be paid to household band saws for wood. Adjusting the speed of movement of the cutting blade and direction allow you to use the sawmill for a variety of jobs. The ability to select the size of the teeth to work with a certain type of material expands the range of possibilities of the saw. For soft woods, a blade with large teeth is suitable, and for hard woods, with small ones. Other features of the band saw make it an indispensable tool for the home craftsman:

  1. Many band sawing machines have the ability to fine-tune to the specific needs of the worker.
  2. Thin blades can cut curly products, a variety of decorative elements.
  3. A household band saw for wood can work in any direction – both along and across the fibers.
  4. Using a saw, you can create identical and mirror parts for furniture.
  5. Band saw performance is higher than other types of tools.
  6. Sawmills on a tape basis differ in safety.

Types of band saw for wood

In a carpentry workshop, a quality band saw from a trusted manufacturer is indispensable. When choosing a sawmill, you need to understand the differences between the best band saws for wood. By type, sawmills are divided depending on the location of the canvas, they are:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

Vertical band saw for wood

Vertical type wood sawing machines are distinguished by the fact that the blade that is in contact with the surface being cut is located vertically. This type of table band saw for wood can be used in small woodworking shops, as well as in home workshops for household needs. Such a tool easily copes with materials of various widths and can work in any trajectory. The dimensions of band saws for wood of this type may vary. When choosing a vertical band saw, you need to remember the following characteristics:

  • moving web speed;
  • canvas length;
  • number of speeds;
  • the ability to adjust the angle of the table;
  • cutting depth;
  • machine weight.

vertical band saw for wood

Horizontal band saw for wood

Saws, in which the cutting blade is located horizontally, are widely used by professionals and novice craftsmen for cutting a variety of wooden materials. The horizontal band saw for wood works well for both cross and bevel (at an angle) cuts. Machine tools for industrial use can work autonomously, electronic control systems in such devices calculate the size of the cut surfaces to the millimeter. The horizontal band saw for wood has the following characteristics:

  • the possibility of cutting at an angle;
  • the ability to save the program for reuse (in machines with electronic control);
  • engine power;
  • web speed;
  • desktop size.

horizontal band saw for wood

How to choose a band saw for wood?

A good woodworking machine is not cheap, the purchase of such a tool must be approached responsibly. When thinking about which band saw for wood to choose, you need to weigh and correlate the parameters of the tool and your own needs. According to the characteristics of the band-type sawmills, they are divided into several types, you should choose a saw for yourself, taking into account the important characteristics:

  1. Power, based on the estimated production volumes.
  2. Characteristics of the working canvas.
  3. Machine manufacturer.

Hand band saw for wood

Small tools are not inferior in their properties to professional machines for large-scale production. A mini band saw for wood will serve faithfully for a caring craftsman, and will definitely come in handy on the farm, with its help you can easily and simply perform various actions:

  • cut dry branches on trees;
  • get rid of old seedlings in the garden;
  • prepare firewood for the winter.

wood band saw

Band saw for wood – rating

In carpentry workshops, such a tool has found wide application. The choice of a band saw for wood is best done based on the rating of the best units that save time, have high performance and reliability are presented below.

  1. JET JBS-12. The band saw for wood is designed to work with wide boards and timber, copes well with bulky workpieces, is powerful and productive, has a stable metal frame that does not vibrate during operation.
  2. wood band saw JET JBS 12

  3. Way Train UE-330V. The horizontal type saw works well on wood of any size, works at an angle, is equipped with a powerful motor and a large work table.
  4. Way Train UE 330 V

  5. Corvette-35 Enkor. Band saw for wood has high power and speed of the blade. The high stand on adjustable legs adapts to any worker, and the beveled frame allows you to cut curly blanks of any shape.
  6. wood band saw Corvette 35 Enkor

DIY band saw for wood

It is difficult to make a band saw on your own. The wooden frame for the machine is assembled from improvised materials, any craftsman will have the necessary tools for assembly. The process of working on a homemade band saw for wood can be divided into the main stages:

  1. The frame for the machine can be assembled from old furniture, a preliminary drawing will facilitate the work and allow you to assemble the saw according to the required dimensions.
  2. The simplest home-made tape machine rests on a frame assembled from a bar and two supports. The distance between the supports should be thought out in advance, it should not be less than the size of the processed logs, it is better to make it a little larger.
  3. For the work surface, you can use an old desk, its cabinets can serve as containers in which sawdust will be collected.
  4. Depending on the parameters of the engine, it is necessary to calculate the diameter of the pulleys for the belt drive.
  5. For the lifting mechanism to which the cutting blade is attached, a massive spring is suitable, with the help of which the necessary pressure of the machine will be provided.
  6. Guides are needed to ensure that the cut is carried out in a straight line.
  7. In order for the machine to be safe, it is better to close the pulley with a special casing.
  8. Treating with wood varnish or painting the machine will increase its service life.

How to use a band saw for wood?

This device helps to quickly and accurately make any cuts on wooden products. Practice and accuracy are required when working with this type of tool, knowing how to use saws for wood band saws, the result will be worth the effort.

  1. Choose the right type of band saw, paying attention to power, speed, blade length, table working surface parameters, electrical characteristics.
  2. The blade for the saw must be selected individually for each project, taking into account its width, thickness and tooth run-up.
  3. Before work, you should check the movement of the working canvas and adjust the guides.
  4. The work surface must be adjusted to the desired angle of inclination.
  5. On wooden blanks, before work, it is necessary to make markings.
  6. The saw can be turned on and wait until it picks up speed.
  7. Directing the workpiece along the guides, make a cut.

Setting up a band saw for wood

Every power tool needs daily maintenance. It is necessary to take a few minutes before work to set up and adjust the band saw for wood. Performing simple manipulations, you can significantly increase the service life of the tool.

  1. The saw must be disconnected from the power supply and the working blade removed.
  2. Remove debris from guides.
  3. Free the pulleys from dirt, vacuum the inside of the casings.
  4. Set the canvas in place, adjust the degree of its tension.
  5. Align the pulleys, they must be parallel and coplanar.
  6. Check the work of the working cloth, if necessary, make final adjustments.
  7. Check bearing position.
  8. Make sure that the table top is set at the right angle to the blade.