Bits for a screwdriver - what is it, features of different types, how to insert it correctly?

Now most of the construction and installation works are within the power of not only professionals, but also amateurs. A considerable merit in this is the appearance of a huge number of tools and additions to them. Screwdriver bits deserve attention, thanks to which you can perform several construction and repair tasks.

What are screwdriver bits?

Nozzles mated for special connections, with the help of which fasteners are screwed in or unscrewed – bits for a screwdriver. Their features are as follows:

  1. They consist of a hexagonal shank clamped by a chuck or tool adapter and a working part (screwdriver).
  2. When buying a set of screwdriver bits, it is best to have a sample of the fasteners that you will need to use.
  3. It would be nice to know the brand of the tool so that the bit is more tightly fixed in the screwdriver – this is a guarantee of good work and an increase in the life of the device.

what are screwdriver bits

Bit types

Depending on what material or what shape they are made of, there are such types of bits for screws:

  1. According to the form of the working part: basic, special, combined.
  2. By marking the shape of the working part: flat or slotted bits, universal cross bits, cross bits of a later design and a more modern standard, “asterisk” and others.
  3. By material: the most common type is made of chrome vanadium steel. There are chrome-molybdenum bits, with nickel, carbide and tungsten coatings, as well as titanium nitride yellow coatings.

Standard bits

More often, standard nozzles are used in work, so they are included in any set. Having only them, you can easily tighten or unscrew almost any fastener: self-tapping screws, screws, nuts, etc. Here’s what they are:

  1. Straight or slotted bit – This is a common classic option.
  2. Crusades became even more widespread. The Phillips bit for a screwdriver can be universal, its main difference is that the slot expands towards the base. A more modern version has a straight slot along the entire length. Such products unscrew even rusty fasteners.
  3. Hexagonal are applied to work with fasteners with an internal hexagon.
  4. Star Bits for a screwdriver they are used in car repairs, they are very convenient: the process of tightening them is not complicated, and the fasteners are held securely. Magnetized products are much more expensive than those without magnets.

screwdriver bits

Special bits

Special or professional screwdriver bits are used in narrow areas. It can be repair of household appliances, industrial equipment and the like. It is worth highlighting among them:

  1. Triangular bits, they are almost the same as Hh bits, but they only have three sides.
  2. Double pin, this bat has two horn-shaped protrusions.
  3. Bits for working with drywall with a special stop, which serves to protect fragile materials.
  4. Spring loaded bits are very handy if you have to work in narrow and hard to reach places because they twist fasteners at an angle of 30°.

How to choose beats?

The choice is huge, but even products that are ideal for a screwdriver and fasteners may be of inadequate quality. To make the right choice, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. Manufacturing material.
  2. processing technologies. Milling and forging are used, the first method allows you to give the necessary shape, and the second – the strength of the product.
  3. The hardness of the material fluctuates around 58-60 HRC, soft ones grind off, but do not break. Hard, on the contrary, are fragile, but for a long time remain not ground off.
  4. Design features. Magnetic screwdriver bits sometimes make the job much easier, but they are not good for every case. Torsion bits are ideal for an impact driver, they smooth out impacts.

Bit marking

In order to choose professional screwdriver bits, you need to know what the letters on them mean.

  1. Direct. Marking with the Latin letter S (slot).
  2. Crusades. Ph (Philips) – a universal type with four ribs and Pz (Pozidrive) – they are more modern, they have four additional ribs.
  3. Hexagonal bits are denoted by the letter H (Hex socket).
  4. Star Bits are marked with the letter T (Torx) with a number.

Bit sizes

When buying a set of bits and heads for a screwdriver, you need to pay special attention to the dimensions:

  1. Direct – slot width, from 3 to 9 mm. Tip thickness from 0.5 to 1.6 mm.
  2. cross bits – the length can be from 2.5 to 15 cm, five sizes: from Ph-0 (0-2.5 mm) to Ph-4 (up to 6 mm), a common size is 2 mm.
  3. Hex bits come in sizes from 6 to 13 mm, more often you need an 8 mm option. They are: classic, 1.5-10 mm in size, with an inner hole – 1.5-6 mm, elongated – 3 to 8 mm in size and 5-10 cm long.
  4. Star Bits are: classic, have sizes T8-T40. Plus with titanium coating or internal hole – from T10 to T40. Elongated: from T10 to T40 in size, 5-10 cm long.

screwdriver bits

Bit material

The simplest screwdriver bits are made of steel R-7 – R-12, they are very durable and resistant to any kind of damage, but can be susceptible to corrosion. In order to remove this drawback, they came up with the idea of ​​adding a coating of vanadium and chromium. Even stronger – coated nozzles, which includes titanium: titanium-nitride and titanium-tungsten coating. If you plan to actively use the bit, then it is better to use diamond-coated bits, their working surface is less prone to grinding.

Bit shapes

Screwdriver equipment comes in the following forms:

  1. Slotted bit – sometimes supplemented with special limiters, used when working with drywall and furniture.
  2. cruciform – used when interacting with wood and metal, allow you to twist the fasteners at an angle.
  3. Hexagonal– used in the assembly of furniture.
  4. star-shaped – widely used in car services, the tightening process is effortless and reliable.
  5. Special Shapes have non-standard insert shapes, for example, a square working half, four blades and others.

Bit Rating

The search for an answer to the question of which bandages for a screwdriver is better to purchase led to the creation of a rating of manufacturers. All of them produce products that are approximately in the same price category. Here are the most popular brands today:

  1. Whirl Power – these are inexpensive products, but due to their compliance with the average quality, bits are used more in everyday life.
  2. DeWALT – this brand is characterized by higher performance, impact resistance and resistance of the working half to mechanical defects throughout the entire service life.
  3. magna – this company is also chosen for household work, it produces high-quality goods at a quite budget price.
  4. Bosch is a recognized and recognizable brand around the world, its products are always of excellent quality and high performance.
  5. screwdriver bits

Metabo also offers a wide range of products, but judging by the numerous reviews, they are not reliable enough: low strength of the ribs, easy cutting of the slot and fast deformation of the fastener head do not contribute to good work with a screwdriver. From this we can conclude that this brand is significantly behind the first four, even considering the quite competitive price.

How to insert a bit into a screwdriver?

Each bit for a screwdriver of any company can be easily inserted if you know a couple of moments. A special magnetic holder will also help in this, it will greatly simplify the work if it is inserted into the cartridge.

  1. The chuck is clamped with the left hand, and the thumb of the right hand must press the reverse rotation switch.
  2. With your index finger, press the work button, this will lead to the unwinding of the chuck with a screwdriver.
  3. The drill is inserted and everything happens in the reverse order: the left hand holds the cartridge, the right index finger presses the forward rotation switch and then the work button.
  4. The torque mode is selected, this is the first weakest clamp, or the maximum is the drilling torque.