Blowtorch - what it is, device, principle of operation, what it is for, main types

A gas burner and an electric hair dryer are little used on the farm. This is due to the complexity of their device, the principle of operation. The blowtorch is widely used in everyday life due to its rapid heating and low price. When purchasing a device, you need to know its varieties, principles of use.

What is a blowtorch?

This device is a device that heats up as a result of ignition of the original substance. In the evaporator, it goes into a gas state. The lamp for soldering is filled with gasoline, alcohol, kerosene or gas. The volume of the tank ranges from 0.1 to 2 liters, the thermal power can be 0.5-3 kW. The heating device was invented by Karl Rikard Nuremberg in 1881 in Sweden and quickly became widespread.

what is a blowtorch

blowtorch device

The heating device consists of two main parts: a burner and a fuel tank. The first part of the blowtorch is mounted on top of the tank with the substance, which is covered with a lid with a seal. This simple equipment ensures easy maintenance and operation of the device. How a blowtorch works can be judged by its standard composition:

  1. Ejector, which is a heating part and a continuation of the evaporator.
  2. The handle for convenient use and movement of the device.
  3. The fuel tank, which is the largest part of the appliance. Openings in the tank must be hermetically sealed.
  4. Pump with a valve system, which is designed to pump high pressure in the fuel tank.
  5. An evaporator that provides the transition of fuel to a gaseous state.
  6. Needle valve that regulates the amount of fuel.
  7. Siphon tube for supplying fuel from the tank to the evaporator.
  8. Protective stand for blowtorch.
  9. The nozzle, which is located at the end of the tube and serves to direct the gas flow to the ejector through the evaporator.

blowtorch device

The principle of operation of a blowtorch

The action of the heating device lies in the draft, which appears due to the design of the apparatus. How a blowtorch works can be judged by the principle of its operation:

  1. The device begins to operate with a manual start of the pump, which leads to the build-up of excess pressure.
  2. It is sent to the blowtorch and causes the movement of fuel to the nozzle.
  3. The fuel passes through the tube, which is washed by the flame from the burner.
  4. The supplied fuel heats up and then evaporates.

What is a blowtorch for?

The use of this accessory is limited by strict adherence to safety regulations, the operating temperature of the device and its thermal output. Why a blowtorch is needed can be judged by the areas of application of the device in the household:

  • heating of various parts and details;
  • solder melting;
  • welding of materials at low temperature;
  • carrying out pest control measures;
  • carcass tarring, bristle burning;
  • heating frozen water pipes;
  • kindling a fire, fireplace, coals;
  • disassembly of rusty pipe joints made of cast iron or steel.

Types of blowtorches

A wide variety of heating devices is associated with a wide range of their application. The mini blowtorch is used in making and repairing jewelry. In large industries, devices have also found their application. In addition to size, the types of devices are distinguished by the type of fuel used:

  • gasoline;
  • kerosene;
  • alcohol;
  • gas.

Petrol blowtorch

The liquid fuel apparatus consists of a tank and a burner. In the fuel tank, gasoline is compressed to several atmospheres and partially mixed with air. For long-term operation of such models, it is important to know what kind of gasoline to fill the blowtorch. Poor quality fuel leads to frequent clogging of nozzles. The characteristic features of a gasoline blowtorch are:

  • a large selection of models;
  • different volume of tanks;
  • large weight of devices;
  • regular cleaning of the device after use;
  • simple operation;
  • affordable cost.

gasoline blowtorch

Kerosene blowtorch

By design, this type of heating device is similar to gasoline devices. Their differences lie in the diameter of the nozzle through which kerosene enters. Lamps on this type of fuel are used to heat large soldering irons or melt hard types of solder. In addition, they are equipped with a screw, which is needed when adjusting the flame. The duration of operation depends on what is poured into the blowtorch. Other features of kerosene models:

  • high combustion temperature;
  • heavy weight of the device;
  • a small selection of models;
  • low cost;
  • high fuel consumption.

kerosene blowtorch

Alcohol blowtorch

These types of instruments are rare today. This is because the alcohol blowtorch has a small scope. It is suitable for high-precision soldering in the repair of jewelry, antennas and radio equipment. The features of alcohol structures are:

  • small scope;
  • complex operation and subsequent maintenance;
  • high fuel consumption.

gas blowtorch

gas blowtorch

This view on liquefied propane or butane is small in size. It is used as portable burners. Gas cylinders are sold separately. The connectors for connecting the device to the tanks are always unified, so there are no difficulties with how to fill the blowtorch. Cylinders easily join different models of torches. Features of gas appliances are:

  • a wide range of devices;
  • light weight;
  • convenient use in small rooms;
  • long service life.

alcohol blowtorch

How to choose a blowtorch?

A large selection of heating appliances makes it difficult to purchase them. The following criteria may influence the choice of a blowtorch:

  1. Apparatus design. Mostly models with a one-piece body are presented on the market. However, some devices are equipped with a special hose up to 1.5 m long. This design is convenient for working on weight.
  2. Ignite the flame. Variants of blowtorches with liquid fuel take much longer to prepare for work, so if you need frequent use, it will be more convenient to opt for a gas appliance with piezo ignition.
  3. Fuel. Gasoline blowtorch is refueled in the conditions of a filling station and forms a flame of high burning temperature. It will be more expensive to provide gas models with fuel, and sometimes fuel has to be purchased in cylinders.
  4. Volume of the tank. To operate gasoline blowtorches for an hour, you must choose a model with a tank with a capacity of one liter or more.
  5. Maintenance and operation. This is an important indicator, because during use it will be necessary to clean the nozzle, flush the fuel tank from sediment. In this regard, blowtorches with a fully disassembled design are more convenient. Any type of product is designed to work for 5 years.


blowtorch rating

A wide range of heating devices makes it possible to choose models that meet all the necessary requirements of the future owner. Among the best blowtorches are:

  1. SIBRTECH 91442. This is a reliable and high-quality device at a low price. The lamp is used on gasoline of different grades, except for leaded. The capacity of the reservoir is about 1.5 liters, but it is not necessary to fill it completely. The device consumes fuel sparingly, so one refueling is enough for an hour of use. The steel handle has a comfortable design. Of the advantages, users note the ease of adjusting the fuel supply, of the minuses – frequent clogging of the nozzle. It has to be cleaned after every use.

blowtorch rating

  1. BARS 91452. This model blowtorch heats up quickly and has a steady flame, so you can work with it in windy conditions. A significant drawback of the device is the clogging of the nozzle, however, its constructive location helps to quickly clean it. Thick metal housing is designed for a long service life. The device is designed for repair work, soldering and heat treatment of various parts.

blowtorch rating

  1. DREMEL VERSAFLAME 2200-4. Experts consider this model the best among gas blowtorches. Interesting appearance and a wide range of applications make the device popular. This little blowtorch has a small reservoir that lasts for 75 minutes of intensive use. The kit includes several types of nozzles designed for soldering and lengthening the torch. The only drawback is the high price of the device.

blowtorch rating

How to use a blowtorch?

The devices are flammable, so strict safety precautions must be observed. How to set up a blowtorch can be understood by the algorithm of actions:

  1. Fill the tank with fuel no more than 3/4 of the volume of the tank.
  2. Receive pressure after 6-10 smooth manual pressures.
  3. Pour fuel into the bath: gasoline or ethyl alcohol, which does not leave soot when burned.
  4. Ignite the fuel for the initial heating of the evaporator.
  5. Open shut-off needle after combustion and adjust flame size.
  6. Terminate the blowtorch by extinguishing it. To do this, close the needle.
  7. Let the device cool down, then open the reservoir to release the pressure.

What is the frequency of blowtorch checks?

A heater is a source of increased danger, which requires compliance with certain rules during use:

  1. Do not use low octane gasoline.
  2. Stop using the device if there is a leak, if the fuel tank is overheated, or in an unventilated area.
  3. Do not refuel the device during its operation or immediately after use.

In addition, the frequency of checking the parameters of blowtorches is important:

  1. To ensure the integrity of the liquid fuel supply systems, the apparatus must be inspected at least once a year.
  2. To check the tightness and tightness of the connection, inspect the device monthly.
  3. To ensure a stable flame of the torch, the body of the heating structure is tested after each use.

How to clean a blowtorch?

The heater burner requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, working with a blowtorch will be difficult. The accumulation of dirt occurs due to the use of low-quality fuel. Impurities begin to accumulate, combining with combustion products. There are several ways to clean a blowtorch:

  1. A special needle for processing the hole is included with the device. If there is none, then the jet can be cleaned with a thin wire.
  2. If it becomes necessary to rinse the soldering iron, they are treated with a special aerosol solution or gasoline. Some craftsmen clean the machine with a cloth dampened with white spirit. It is important to completely soak the rags so that the product copes with all contamination.

how to clean a blowtorch

What can be made from a blowtorch?

The heater can be used not only for its intended purpose in the household. However, craftsmen can remake the device so that it serves a person in field conditions or at home. From the device is constructed:

  • bake;
  • blowtorch burner;
  • flamethrower;
  • spray.