Ceiling clothes dryer - a modern functional solution

Ceiling clothes dryer is an ideal solution for placing wet things not only in an apartment, but also in private houses during bad weather. It is easy to install, takes up a minimum of space, and, importantly, does not defile the appearance of the room, unlike improvised clotheslines. The main thing is to choose the right dryer for a particular room.

Ceiling clothes dryer – types

The modern market offers a lot of varieties of this product. They differ both in the material of manufacture, the principle of assembly, and equally in cost, and in the type of installation, purpose. A ceiling-mounted metal clothes dryer is selected, as a rule, for a specific room where it is planned to be installed:

Some types of products require major installation, others are suspended structures: if necessary, they can be quickly moved to another room. There are sliding type ceiling dryers or folding ones. But in any case, during installation, you will need to make holes in the ceiling for fasteners, which, after dismantling the product, will not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the choice of a dryer should be approached very carefully so as not to subsequently close up extra holes in the ceiling.

Ceiling mounted electric clothes dryer

In the electrical design, drying of laundry is carried out by heating elements built into the bars. The installation of such a dryer is somewhat more complicated than other types: in addition to attaching to the ceiling surface, the product must also be connected to the mains. However, these works do not represent anything particularly complicated, and are do-it-yourself: the dryer comes with an operating manual, basic and additional elements for installation (cable, fasteners, accessories) are included.

The electric ceiling hanging clothes dryer has its advantages over other types:

  1. The clothes bars heat up and things dry much faster.
  2. When heated, additional heat treatment of linen is performed, which kills up to 99% of all harmful bacteria.
  3. Does not require room ventilation.
  4. The basis of the product has a built-in backlight, a fan, a bactericidal ultraviolet irradiator.
  5. In most models, it is possible to adjust the level of heating of the rods.

The dimensions of electric ceiling-mounted clothes dryers depend on the model of the product and range from 1 to 2 meters. The maximum load weight is up to 35 kg of wet laundry. Of the shortcomings, only the inadmissibility of installing a dryer on an open, not glazed balcony can be noted. But it is quite suitable for installation in the bathroom: a small condensate on the ceiling is not terrible for the dryer, the main thing is that there is no direct contact with water.

Ceiling clothes dryer

Ceiling clothes dryers in the bathroom

In the bathroom, a plastic structure or a ceiling-mounted metal clothes dryer is mainly installed. Side holders are mounted to the surface of the ceiling, and plastic tubes with a rope in the cavity are attached to them on movable rollers. Inside the structure, the ropes are pulled along the ceiling through both holders, and their ends go out from one side of the dryer, fixing on the wall. This allows you to adjust the height of the hanging tubes depending on the type of laundry. The main advantage of the dryer is that it is located above the bathtub and you can even hang unsqueezed laundry on it.

Ceiling clothes dryer

Balcony Ceiling Clothes Dryer

For installation on balconies and loggias, electric models are excellent (if the balcony is glazed), analogues of products for bathrooms. Often on the balconies, a compact ceiling-mounted clothes dryer is also used, the dimensions of which are selected according to the width of the loggia. For example, longitudinal holders with holes. Their clothes are hung on their shoulders. A removable dryer on hooks is also suitable: a plastic, wooden or metal base with tubes on ropes clings to brackets mounted on the ceiling. After use, the dryer is removed, freeing up space.

Ceiling clothes dryer

Wall-ceiling clothes dryer

Wall-ceiling models include dryers with an elevator mechanism (“creepers”), where you can adjust the height of the laundry holders using the long ends of the ropes that come out from the side. The hanging wall-to-ceiling clothes dryer compares favorably with the fact that its fasteners can be installed both on the surface of the ceiling and on the walls, which significantly increases the capabilities of the product. It is permanently attached to the ceiling with bolts, and clings to the wall with special clamps and can be removed if necessary. Such a dryer can withstand up to 40 kg of wet laundry.

Ceiling clothes dryer

Retractable ceiling dryer

The retractable roll-up ceiling dryer is very convenient because it involves hidden storage without the need to remove any structural elements. The product is a closed plastic, metal case, in which ropes are wound on drums. The other ends of the ropes are fixed on a special bar. When it is necessary to hang clothes, the ropes are pulled out of the body with the help of a bar and fixed at the other end of the room with it. The ceiling dryer is fastened with a dowel-plug. Load capacity up to 15-20 kg of linen.

photo1 Ceiling clothes dryer

Ceiling Foldable Clothes Dryer

The folding cantilever design is made like an accordion. Fasteners are mounted on the surface of the ceiling, and laundry holders are installed on metal folding strips. If you pull the holder, then the slats turn around like an accordion, and also curl up in the opposite direction. It is believed that these are the best ceiling dryers for clothes in an apartment. They are very compact and occupy a minimum of space, but at the same time they have an average capacity, have good lifting power – up to 30 kg.

photo1 Ceiling clothes dryer

Ceiling clothes dryer – how to choose?

When choosing a product, you should consider what type of laundry you plan to dry. If these are voluminous bed sets, then a folding ceiling dryer will not be enough, you will need a combined model with an elevator mechanism – “liana”. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the room: in damp, unventilated rooms, mold can form on the walls from a conventional dryer. Therefore, in such conditions, it would be optimal to install an electric model.

What is the best ceiling dryer for clothes is determined in each case individually, depending on the possibilities of the room and preferences, the requirements of the owner. But, under any circumstances, you need to rely on the quality of workmanship: wooden products are only suitable for a balcony, where they will dry out when aired, plastic or metal material is more suitable for bathrooms.


Installing a ceiling dryer

Installation of products, as a rule, does not cause difficulties and is quite feasible with your own hands. Instructions on how to assemble a ceiling-mounted clothes dryer are included with any factory product. Each model has its own characteristics and assembly rules, but when performing all types of installation work, it is necessary to fix the fasteners of the dryer on the ceiling as firmly as possible. It is important to choose the right hardware: self-tapping screws are suitable for a wooden ceiling, plug dowels are required for concrete, and metal surfaces will have to be drilled and the dryer bolted.