Twelve designers – the authors of the projects in the photo – explained, at our request, what is critical to know if you plan to repeat the trick with the mirror from this collection.

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1. Mirror to create an endless wall effect

Place: Moscow
Project authors: DVEKATI

Under the base of the bed there is a bar, on which it is convenient to hang clothes and put yourself in order in front of the mirror. It was possible to hang an ordinary mirror in the frame. But this – mounted in the corner – creates the illusion of a passage. As if the room continues behind the bed.

What is important:
1. Carefully choose the shade of the mirror. A canvas of the standard color “Silver” was mistakenly ordered at this facility (despite the name, it turned a little yellow). As a result, they replaced it with a clarified one – such a mirror does not distort colors, and the effect of an endless wall becomes as real as possible.

2. You need perfect geometric alignment of surfaces – draw right angles between the walls, floor and ceiling. Otherwise, do not mount the mirror in the corner.

3. There are requirements for surface treatment before gluing the mirror (differ from company to company). It is better to check with the mirror supplier in advance. Incorrectly prepare the wall – there will be installation problems.

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Design Studio “Gradiz”

2. Mirror to make the bed “soar”

Place: Ekaterinburg
Project authors: design studio “Gradiz”
Thanks to the mirror glued to the plinth, it seems as if the bed is suspended in the air.

Ivan Bezrukov, Gradiz design studio, author of this project:
The plinth could have been hidden differently – order the base deeper and slide it under the bed. But such a construction will be more complicated (read: expensive). AND the question arises whether the edge of the bed will break: according to the strength of the material, a large lever. An alternative way we saw somehow on ISaloni – children’s beds, where the base was made of some kind of transparent plastic, which also gave the effect of a bed, hanging in the air. But in both methods, there is no reflection effect that the client liked.“.

The designer advises:
1. Order a mirror plinth at the same time as the bed – the furniture manufacturer will stick and process it more carefully than you do on the spot.

2. The main thing is that the mirror be solid – without seams, this achieves the effect invisibility».

3. Complete the mirror with lighting around the perimeter. In this project, the LED strip around the bed is controlled by a headboard switch.

4. The LED strip must be positioned correctly so that it is not visible in the mirror.

Design By STAS

3. Mirror to “remove” the supporting column
Place: Yekaterinburg city
Project authors: “Design Workshop”

Stanislav Zainutdinov Design Workshop» – the author of this project:
For obvious reasons, such a column cannot be demolished. And if you decorate it with decorative plaster or sheathe it with wood, it would look rustic. With a mirror, we were also able to increase the space due to numerous reflections. What is the main difficulty you faced? “Perhaps, connect the corners of the surfaces so that they turn out to be perfectly even and at 90 degrees.”.

The designer advises:
1. Be sure to secure the mirror to the plywood backing. And consider its thickness when ordering a mirror sheet.

2. The wall must be perfectly flat, corners 90 degrees. The gaps between the floor and the mirror, the ceiling and the mirror should not exceed 5 mm.

3. The ends of the mirror must be processed.

4. You need to fix the mirror on plywood with a special mounting sealant (glue).

Andrey Stube Architectural Bureau

4. A mirror to create the illusion that “walls don’t fit”

Place: Moscow
Authors: “Architectural bureau of Andrey Stube”

Architect Andrei Stube is the author of this project:
The mirror acts as an adapter between different materials: here it is embossed MDF wall panels, Alcantara panels, leather doors and painting. In addition, a small mirror insert creates the illusion that the walls are not joined to each other. We tried different options in the process of creating visualizations, I liked the mirror more than others“.

The architect advises:
1. Choose glass with a minimum thickness of 6 mm.

2. Work with a supplier that won’t ruin the material. Here there was such an overlay: the first company did not cope with the installation, I had to re-place the order in another workshop.

3. When designing, it is necessary to take into account whether it will be possible to bring products into the apartment.

Yana Svetlova

5. Mirror – masks the slope of the loggia

Place: Saint Petersburg
Project author: Yana Svetlova
Project architect: Polina Viter

Yana Svetlova, project author:
“In place of this opening there was a balcony door, which we got rid of when we combined the loggia with the kitchen-living room area. It was possible to make the opening in a simple painting, but then the wall would look too massive, because this is the facade wall of the house..

What is important:
1. Order a tinted mirror in bronze color. Then all reflections are transmitted in a very soft pleasant light. And even if the St. Petersburg sky is gray, the whole room is filled with light and warmth.

2. If a skirting board continues along the wall, consider its height when ordering.

3. What will be reflected in the mirror? If the picture does not make you very happy, it is better to add a painting directly to the mirror. This will make an interesting decorative effect and turn it into an art object.

Natalia Katsutsevichius

6. Mirror – second window

Place: Saint Petersburg
Project author: Natalia Katsutsevichius

Petersburg does not please with the sun, so the decision with a mirror is due to desire Not only visually increase the space, but also let in more light.

What is important:
1. There must be an ideal geometry of walls and surfaces.

2. Due to the large size of the mirror, it most likely will not enter the elevator – you will have to bring it into the apartment on your hands. “In our case, we had to lift the mirror to the 18th floor on foot, and this required finesse.”

3. The extended window sill in this project is not only a place for storage, but also a bench. Therefore, the mirror had to be made of two parts – in order to minimize the possible pressure of the countertop on it. And make the perfect fit.

Svetlana Tepfer

7. Mirror for the illusion of a French balcony

Place: Dimitrovgrad
Project author: Svetlana Udzilauri, Elite Interior & Landscape

Svetlana Udzilauri, designer – author of this project:
“The balcony has a rather high railing, the people sitting at the table in the living room did not have a beautiful view. And even without a mirror, the distance to the balcony railing seemed closer, and the space was very boring. For the sake of this view, it was not even worth changing the usual balcony block for a French window. After the implementation of our idea, there was a feeling of a French balcony with a carved lattice and open space.”

How to repeat:
1. With such a mirror, most workshops will cope. The technology is simple: a pattern is applied to the reverse side of the mirror surface with a sandblaster – as if part of the amalgam is removed and then a layer of paint is applied. This project is black.

2. The balcony railing, on which the mirror was attached, was leveled with moisture-resistant GVL sheets. Mirror sheets were attached to them on liquid nails around the entire perimeter of the balcony.

3. If possible, you need to achieve a beautiful picture in reflection. Here it is a mini-kindergarten in containers.

Photo below: view of this balcony from the living room

Svetlana Tepfer

By the way: in this project there is also a second false mirror. It is a “doorway” between two bookcases. If you look closely, the back of chairs from the dining room is reflected in a huge mirrored canvas.

To achieve the illusion of a portal and passage, the designer designed a niche in the manner of a door frame.

Design Studio of Olga Kondratova

8. Mirror – bring light to the kitchen without a window
Place: Moscow, Patriarch’s Ponds
Project authors: Olga Kondratova, Maria Petrova, design studio of Olga Kondratova

Olga Kondratova, project designer:
“The aged canvas above the headset line reflects the window on the opposite wall and adds light to the room. And also – masks the casing of the hood. The hood, of course, could be hidden in the cupboards, but in this case the kitchen would look crowded.”

What is important to consider:

Such a mirror will require some effort and thoughtful storage systems in the lower front of the kitchen. The fact is that the mirror reflects the objects on the shelf and in itself is a noticeable accent. Therefore, the shelf should not be overloaded with decorative items or kitchen utensils.

Krasnova Anastasiia

9. Mirror – for the effect of the inner window

Place: Moscow
Project designer: Anastasia Krasnova

Another kitchen and another ceiling mirror, this time not tinted. It was conceived to change the visually elongated space of the kitchen-living-dining room (to achieve the feeling that the room continues).

How to repeat:
1. Decide whether you will recess the mirror into the wall or not. If so, you need to call a specialist in advance to give recommendations on preparing the walls, taking into account the area and thickness of the mirror.

2. Production will never give you a perfectly accurate canvas – there will always be errors of plus or minus 2 mm. Put them in when designing.

3. If the canvas is large and does not fit into the elevator, it must be lifted manually. Lifting and installation will come out at the same cost as the mirror sheet itself.

Levina Tatiana

10. Mirror – adjust the loggia

Place: Moscow
Project designer: Tatiana Levina

This is a project for a television alteration of the living room and the loggia adjacent to it. A small table at the entrance will be used as a dressing table. The entire wall behind it is occupied by a mirror, visually enlarging the space of a small room.

What is important:
Holes for fastening shelves must be prepared in the workshop.


11. Mirror platbands – for the sake of beauty
Place: Moscow, Patriarch’s Ponds
Project authors: o2designmoscow

Oksana Salberg-Vachnadze: “We found this approach to be quite fresh. It was possible to make a casing without a mirror insert, but then we would have to make its profile more complicated.”

What is important:
The platbands were made to order in a carpentry workshop along with door panels. We used an optiwhite mirror, with a light edge, because the sides are white, and the green edge of the mirror would be visible.


12. Wine mirror cabinet
Place: Moscow, Patriarch’s Ponds
Project authors: ARTUP BUREAU
The door was specially ordered mirrored, so that the peninsula seemed more airy and its filling was not visible. A sort of effect of a “floating” countertop.

How to repeat:
“Look for a wine cabinet with a darkened mirror surface so that it doesn’t look like a clear mirror, otherwise it will be very conspicuous. And a light reflection creates a game in space,” the authors of the project Sergey and Anastasia Izvolsky advise.

Important: To get more information about the project, see all shooting angles or ask the architect a clarifying question, click on the photo you like.