Carefully selected works of art and modern installations against the backdrop of vintage interiors such a picture can be seen in the house of white limestone in Manhattan, which was chosen this year for the exhibition Kips Bay decorator show. In total, 21 representatives of the profession took part in the event the best American designers and decorators. To acquaint everyone with the latest trends in interior design, they created in the heart of New York exquisite terraces, luxurious living rooms and spectacular staircases.

About the event
mansion The Carlton houseintersection of East 19th and 61st Streets, Manhattan, New York
May 12 June 9, 2016

Furniture: Albert Vitiello Decorators; carpet: stark;green closet: Keith Fritz AndBrown Davis Interiors; chandelier:Marvin Alexander

living room with Napoleonic plans / Garrow Kedigian Interior design
Designer Garrow Kedijan (
Garrow Kedigian) created this living room with Napoleon in mind. “There was a lot of elegance in Napoleon’s campaign, he always traveled surrounded by beautiful things, and in this sense, the attitude towards design has not changed over the years, Garrow says. ─ It is said that when setting up camp, he ordered to equip a temporary salon for himself, where he could rest between battles. All items in our living room both classical and modern easy to fold and transport from place to place.

An unusual feature in the design of the walls chalk patterns hand-drawn by artist Rajiv Surendra (Rajiv Surendra). The contours of the panels and the decorative frieze are a modern interpretation of elements of classical architecture.

Living room for a real lady / Phillip Thomas
Designer Philip Thomas designed a boudoir for the modern woman, where she can escape the chaos and stress of city life. The designer dedicated the work on this room to his mother, who had a huge influence on Philip’s choice of profession and continues to support him in his creative development.

Architectural details such as plaster molding and a bespoke mirror create a sense of warmth and visually expand the space. On the walls, sheathed in cream fabric, bright strokes and stripes are applied with spray paint. Furniture and works of art XX And XXI centuries form a complex multi-layered composition that can be viewed for hours.

Project paintings: Miles Bennet (Myles Bennett), Jenny Morgan (JennyMorgan), Lauren Seiden (Lauren Seiden), Romona Rosales; chairs: Pierre Chapo; floor lamp: material Lust; console: Uhuru

cabinet evolution / Benjamin Vandiver
For his debut at Kips Bay, decorator Benjamin Vandiver presented a three-part installation: Ending, Rising, and Reincarnation.

His work is a practical study on the evolution of design, in which the author combines the work of traditional designers (for example, from the company fortune) and the concept artists that are popular these days, such as the creative duo from material Lust.

Monochrome house from the company’s designers material Lust

Ceiling-mounted ceramic magnolia flowers by artist Bradley Sabin (Bradley Sabin) and are designed to add a sculptural touch to the composition.

armchair: material Lust; table: Brian Thoreen; stools: Misha Kahn; wall light: Billy Cotton

Carpet: Dash & Albert

Roof garden – an oasis above the city / Hollander design
This serene rooftop garden a real oasis in the center of the metropolis, because here you can hide from the crazy rhythm of life, which is so typical for the center of New York. The garden owes its simple grace to a sense of tranquility to the thoughtful combination of luxurious materials and lush plants.

With the help of living screens made of bamboo and boxwood, the space of the roof was divided into two “rooms”. In the dining area, there is a table for eight people made of zinc and moisture-resistant teak wood from Henry Hall Designs. The living area is furnished with furniture from Walters Wicker and Gaze Burvill.

round bench: Gaze Burville

bar counter: Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens
The main visual accent of the garden was a spherical stainless steel sculpture called Torus works by David HarberDavid Harber).

Ceiling lamp:Arredoluce; wall lights: Achille Salvagni; sofa: Ico Parisi; coffee tables: Max Ingrand

The art of modern life in the library /
Ever Robinson associates
Inspired by the idea that “living well is an art,” designer Eve Robinson designed a library for the art lover to relax alone or with friends.

An inclined shelf with a limiter, on which art albums are displayed, acts as an impromptu bureau. The work area is marked with a blue-gray pebbled leather insert, and an iPad charging station is built in to the right of it. The dark gray lacquered shelves create a striking contrast with the matte bleached wood frame.

arm chairs: Cassina; side table: Hubert le Gall

The beige flannel-lined walls provide a neutral backdrop for the paintings, while the wallpapered ceiling creative interpretation of the surface of Mars. This is an allusion to the limitless possibilities lurking outside the world we are familiar with.

bed sheets: NancyStanley Waud Fine Linens; curtains: La Regence; fabrics:Claremont Furnishing; chinoiserie chest of drawers:L’Antiquaire & The connoisseur; chandelier: BK Antiques

Inspirational guest bedroom / Olasky & Sinsteaden
Designers Katherine Olansky (
Catherine Olasky) and Maximilian Sinsteden (Maximilian Sinsteaden) have created a guest room perfect for enjoying a weekend away. A striking feature of the project was the walls, upholstered in a fabric with a fantasy pattern. Neoclassical furniture is designed to instill a sense of confidence and comfort in guests, and paintings by Derrick Velasquez (Derrick Velasquez), Robert Kelly (Robert Kelly) and other contemporary artists give topics for conversation and give inspiration.

Bed and lounge chairs: Drake/Anderson; textile: Rubelli

Master bedroom with palace chic / Drake/Anderson
In this bedroom, Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson create a luxurious, layered composition that balances classic and modern design.

The walls are lined with fabric Romocreating an atmosphere of palace splendor. An impressive vintage chandelier by Maison Bagues, whose soft light is reflected in a massive oval plaster-framed mirror by Garouste & Bonetti, is the focal point.

Master bathroom with mirror finish / Groves & co.
The master bathroom is symmetrical in layout but modern in detail. Polished bronze accessories combined with shimmering glass and mirror surfaces create a festive atmosphere.

Faucets: Kohler; fake diamond: Ann Sacks; chandelier: Venfield NYC; lamps above the sink: Aurelien Gallet; mirror: Wyeth

Fabric for curtains: Rosemary hall garden; armchair: Flavor

fabrics: Kravet; lamps: Gabriel Scott

dressing room for privacy / Les Ensembliers
Designers Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette began the creation of a modern dressing room with history. Their room is a kind of refuge for a sophisticated woman with a creative mindset, who travels a lot and has a strong character. This is more than just a dressing room: after all, in this quiet, secluded place you can alone or in the company of your closest friends.

Canopy beds and curtains:Maison de France; bedsheets: Casa del Bianco; carpet:Madeline Weinrib Studio; wall lights:soane; closet: Dienst + dotterAntikviteter; bench at the foot of the bed: Maison Gerard

white orchid bedroom / Timothy Whealon
The design of this room is inspired by the ideas about the decoration of the country houses of the English aristocracy, but in a more modern way. When designing it, Timothy Wheelon envisioned estates built in the 1920s on northern Long Island:The Caumsett Foundation And old Westbury Gardensas well as the home of architect David Adler (David Adler) in Chicago.

Doris Duke could live in this room [известная американка — филантроп и коллекционер произведений искусства — прим. ред.] or Cecil Beaton [английский фотограф, дизайнер по интерьерам, художник по костюмам и декорациям —прим. ред.]finding here a respite from the hectic social life. A trained eye can find English, Asian and Swedish designs in this room, but in essence it is still purely American.

sofa: Newel; coffee tables: Anthony Todd

Carpets: Eliko; armchairs: Newel; chest of drawers: FEA Home; closet: FlairNew York; wallpaper: St. Laurentcollection Chinoiserie from DeGourney

ladder like nut To education / Kati Curtis design
Kati Curtis designed one of the main staircases in the house, wanting to take guests on an exciting journey from floor to floor, which she says is meant to give them a sense of “beauty that borders on spiritual enlightenment and uplift their spirits as they ascend .” .

The walls of the stairs and landings are covered with de Gournay silk wallpaper. On the fourth-floor landing, Katya has set up gothic-style carved-back chairs and a modern blue lacquered wooden chest of drawers.

fabrics: Holland & Sherry; curtains: The Ruffled Window; screen: dune; green glass lamp: HM Luther; table: Solo Modern

Small Italian living room and terrace / Sawyer Berson
The inspiration for this room came from memories of Italian design in the 1930s and 1940s. Sawyer Burson’s interior features luxurious materials in a green and gold palette
as well as the famous garden room in the Milan Museum Villa Necchi Campiglio.

The terrace, which opens onto a small living room, has been turned into a Tuscan hilly garden. The intricate relief and arborvitae create an altered perspective so that the garden appears endless when viewed from the living room.

carpet: Crosby street studios; sofas: classic design; steel coffee table: Eric Slayton for VH; wood coffee table: Demiurge; arm chairs: diz. Jacques Adnet (Jaques adnet) ForMaison Gerard; decorative pillows: fortune; side tables: Eric Apple

living room – american dream / Victoria Hagan interiors
Designer Victoria Hagan
Victoria Hagan) returned to the exhibition Kips Bay after a 25 year break. This job a token of gratitude to all those who have supported her over the years. “I dedicate my Great American Living Room to those who are impressed and inspired by me. I will always be grateful to these people and consider myself a very lucky girl. she says.

Victoria enlarged the photo from Instagram with the word dream (dream) and hung it on the wall to convey the emotion that inspired it.

Wall covering fabric:Clarence house; carpet:beauvais Carpets; coffee table: Maison Gerard; armchairs: Hyde Park Antiques; chandelier: diz. Bruno Paul (BrunoPaul), Karl Kemp Antiques

reading room / David Kleinberg design associates
The design of this library showcases respect for the past through a filter of modern sophistication and nods to established designers such as Albert Hadley (
Albert Hadley) and Henry Samuel (Henry Samuel). A variety of textures and materials, as well as carefully selected pieces of furniture and accessories, create an atmosphere of calm, suitable for reading and contemplation.

Bench by the fireplace: Dualoy Leather; game table: Atta

Bath of the Queen of Lake Mälaren / Harry Heissmann
Blue leather wallcovering from Dualoy and a border with specially designed embroidery by Ankasa on Stark fabric form the perfect backdrop for Swedish artist Einar Forseth’s delightful mosaic Queen of Lake Mälaren. An artistic masterpiece was brought from the Stockholm gallery Modernity especially for the exhibition.

Golden geranium leaf framed mirror and Hadley lamps, designed by Christopher Spitzmiller (Christopher Spitzmiller), adorn the walls like jewelry.

Murano glass chandelier gives the main light in the bathroom LAntiquairewhich the author of the project, Harry Eisman, called nothing more than “petrified sunflower”.

Gilded toad figurine and antique book stand: Tony duquette; accessories: E. Brown& co; Basin mixer: Kohler

glass and mica bathroom / Gil walsh interiors
This bathroom is like a charming jewelry box. The main decorations here are sanitary ware from Kohler: a black Veil wall-mounted toilet and a faceted glass countertop sink. The sink bowl sits on a luxurious custom-made base.

Shimmering mica wallcovering courtesy of Baker as well as mirrors and a stool. “For many clients, my work begins with art, and this project is no exception,” says designer Gil Walsh.

Photo by Jennifer Lopez: Tony Duran; lamps: diz. Tony duquette (Tony Duquette) For Remains; outdoor coating: Cosentino North America

carpet: beauvais Carpets; mantel: Chesney’s; flooring: boxtoninteriors/Andy Holland; dining chairs and console tables: Dalva Brothers

Dining room for meetings / Alex Papachristidis interiors
This dining room is designed as a place where all family members come, where they mix with the guests and sit down together at the table. The spacious space looks almost dreamlike with exquisite, bespoke pieces including 18th-century furniture, ancient Roman relics and hand-painted Gracie wallpaper. Light colors and elegant things create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages communication.

Appliances: Miele

kitchen from Orient Express / Clive Christian interiors
This contemporary kitchen with Art Deco touches showcases the splendor of a bygone era. The kitchen and adjoining dining room embody the elegance of Art Deco style, to which designers from
Clive Christian treated with particular trepidation. The finish is dominated by walnut wood and white paint with a pearly sheen.

The designer drew inspiration from the interiors of the famous Orient Express», in which compartments of Pullman cars were divided by panels of carved glass. Glass panels used in the project Lalique titled “Crows and Grapes” for finishing a mantelpiece and an apron, as well as interior partitions.

The same ravens and grapes motif was repeated in two mosaic panels that are used as sliding doors on a cupboard. They were hand-crafted from eight different types of veneer, including eye maple, hazel, sapele (African mahogany) and cherry.

carpet: beauvais Carpets; upholstery fabric: classicCloth; arm chairs: Formations; fabric for decorative pillows: fortune; wooden columns: Maurice Chandelier

Family room of exquisite simplicity / Suzanne Kasler interiors
Based on classic urban interiors, designer Suzanne Kasler decided to design a simple sophisticated yet room, adorned with books, art and numerous vintage finds from a Parisian flea market.

Since the room is located next to a white limestone terrace, the designer opted for linen and velvet fabrics in neutral tones, with blue-gray for accents.

landscape installation:The Organic Gardener; furniture:Walter Wicker

Urban oasis on the terrace / Daniel Richards design
The place was conceived as a quiet oasis in the midst of Manhattan’s urban jungle, with hundreds of flowering hydrangeas, a fence of neatly trimmed boxwood, and dwarf evergreen cedar. A collection of modern sculptures and ceramics from the Belgian company Atelier Vierkant are placed between pieces of garden furniture.

blue hallway / David Collins Studio
This entryway is inspired by the Blue Bar in London. Berkeley Hotel, which was designed by David Collins 16 years ago. By reinterpreting the design of the bar and adapting it to a private home, the authors of the project at the same time wanted to pay tribute to the designer’s love for the color blue.

The wall color is a fresh interpretation of Farrow & Ball’s Lutyens Blue, which takes on a fresh new look against a black and white striped natural stone floor and Baker’s hand-painted Chiyogami wallpaper. The rose arrangement was provided by Emily Thompson Flowers and the art was provided by Alexander Innes.

Other photos from the exhibition Kips Bay decorator show 2016

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