How to choose the right inhaler - the secrets of a successful purchase

One of the effective procedures that are carried out in the treatment of cough and runny nose is inhalation. It can be done using the old-fashioned method or you can buy a special device. In such a case, it is important to know how to choose an inhaler that will do the job well and last a long time.

Types of inhalers

In medicine, four main types of such equipment are more often used: ultrasonic, compression, electron mesh and steam. All types of inhalers and their characteristics must be carefully studied and compared with the main advantages and disadvantages, choosing an acceptable option for yourself. It is recommended to purchase such equipment after consulting a doctor.


Compressor inhaler

The operation of this device is based on the use of pressure to create strong air currents that pass through the chamber where the medicinal solution is located and spray it into small particles. When figuring out which one is better to choose a compressor inhaler or another option, it is worth pointing out that the type of equipment presented is very noisy, which often frightens children. Other than that, the devices are great. To choose the right device, consider the existing advantages:

  1. The equipment does not require the use of additional components and it will last a long time.
  2. If you are wondering how to choose an inhaler for your home, then the compressor type is ideal for this, as it will cope well with diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract.
  3. The compressor inhaler is suitable for nebulization of various medicines approved for inhalation.
  4. It is possible to independently choose the particle size of the drug solution.

compressor inhaler

mesh inhaler

This equipment is also called electronic mesh and is referred to as the latest generation of technology. Describing what kind of inhalers are, it is worth noting that mesh nebulizers work on the basis of a fine spray of the drug, after passing through a special membrane at low frequencies. Among the disadvantages of such equipment, one can note the high price and the impossibility of using oil mixtures. Choose this option for the following benefits:

  1. For procedures, you can use a large number of drugs.
  2. The devices are compact, so you can take them with you on the road.
  3. The devices operate silently and can be used to treat children and bedridden patients.

mesh inhaler

Ultrasonic portable inhaler

Devices of this type create an aerosol cloud from a medicinal solution due to the ultrasonic waves of a metal membrane. Understanding how to choose an inhaler, we note that it is worth periodically buying additional gels and medicine cups for an ultrasound machine. It is worth noting the high price of the presented devices, which for many people is a serious drawback. To understand which is the best ultrasonic inhaler or other type of device, you should consider the main advantages of this option:

  1. The device is mobile, which is convenient for people who often move or travel. Ideal for those with asthma.
  2. It is also worth choosing this inhaler for the fact that it creates microscopic particles that can reach the lower sections of the bronchi, so it is considered effective in ARVI and other respiratory diseases.
  3. Some models come with special masks suitable for children and even babies.

ultrasonic portable inhaler

Steam inhaler nebulizer

The presented version of the equipment is suitable for situations where inhalation with heating of the respiratory tract is required for treatment. Thanks to this, sputum will be removed faster and the mucous membrane will soften. For the use of a steam inhaler, infusions and decoctions of herbs, as well as essential oils, are used. The drug solution becomes an aerosol as a result of its evaporation. The result is large particles that are not able to penetrate deep into the respiratory system, which is the main disadvantage.

To choose the right machine, consider the advantages of steam installations:

  1. It is possible to change the temperature of the steam, which is important for people sensitive to the effects of temperatures.
  2. It is also worth choosing a steam inhaler for the fact that it can be used for cosmetic procedures to cleanse the skin and remove irritation.
  3. Other devices are suitable for aromatherapy.

steam inhaler nebulizer

Which inhaler is better to choose?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of such devices, which differ in different parameters. When talking about how to choose a good inhaler, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Size of dispersed particles. Equipment that generates particles larger than 10 microns can only be used for the treatment of the nasopharynx. To affect the distant parts of the respiratory tract, please note that the particle size should be no more than 5 microns. For the treatment of the larynx and trachea, devices with particles of 5-10 microns are suitable. There are devices that allow you to adjust the particle size.
  2. The number of drugs. When deciding which inhaler to choose, it should be borne in mind that some models may not be suitable for a number of medications. To treat with antibiotics, hormones and mucolytics, it is best to opt for compression and mesh nebulizers.
  3. Accessories. Pay attention to the fact that masks, tips and attachments are made of quality materials and do not have sharp protrusions or roughness. Choose options that are equipped with a mask for children, a mouthpiece and a nose tip.
  4. Performance. Here is the principle: the higher this indicator, the shorter the procedure will last, which is especially important for the treatment of children.
  5. Aerosol delivery system. Many devices generate an aerosol cloud, both during inhalation and exhalation, which leads to drug wasting. It is better to choose breath-activated or breath-synchronized inhalers.

How to choose an inhaler for a child?

The most common type of inhalers for children is a nebulizer, which is equipped with special small breathing masks. If the child is not yet able to sit, then electronic mesh devices are more suitable for him. Other types are suitable for older children. If you are interested in how to choose a children’s inhaler, then it is recommended to choose options in which the nozzles look like animals and they do not make noise. An attractive appearance will help distract the child and it will be possible to carry out a medical procedure.

how to choose an inhaler for a child

What is the best inhaler for the whole family?

Such devices cannot be called affordable, so many seek to purchase an option suitable for both adults and children. In this case, when figuring out which inhaler is better to choose, it is worth pointing out that steam inhalers are strictly prohibited for small children, since the mucous membrane cannot withstand hot steam. Experts recommend paying attention to compression inhalers that break down the active substances without exposing them to high temperatures.

What is the best inhaler for asthma?

All models presented above can also be used by patients with bronchial asthma. For those who are wondering which inhaler is better to choose, it is recommended to consider the following options:

  1. Spacers are small chambers made of metal or plastic. They are attached to the inhaler, and when you inhale, the medicine enters the lungs, and when you exhale, the valve closes.
  2. The powder inhaler enters the body in the form of a dry powder. Choose a device should be for its convenience and ease of use, but it is expensive.
  3. Nebulizers provide maximum atomization of the drug, but they are large and you will not be able to carry them with you to cope with an attack of suffocation at any time.

What is the best cough and cold inhaler?

Almost always, colds are simultaneously accompanied by bouts of coughing and a runny nose. To be able to carry out inhalations to get rid of these symptoms, it is necessary to choose the right device for respiratory procedures. It is best to buy a steam inhaler for a cold or a nebulizer with special masks that are worn on both the nose and mouth.

Which brand of inhaler is better?

Four brands of inhalers are popular in the medical equipment market. For those who are wondering how to choose a steam inhaler or other type of device, we present a brief description of the manufacturers:

  1. “Microlife”. Under this brand, good quality nebulizers are sold. You can buy devices for the treatment of chronic diseases.
  2. “B.Well”. This manufacturer uses proven technologies to develop inhalers. The devices are affordable and reliable.
  3. Omron. The manufacturer offers professional devices and options for the home. According to reviews, they are high quality and reliable.
  4. “Little Doctor”. The manufacturer offers different types of inhalers and uses modern technologies for their production.