Intercom for a private house - types of intercoms and how to choose the right model?

A modern intercom for a private house is a convenient means of controlling access to a home, increasing the level of security of its inhabitants and property. It will help to make the cottage an impregnable fortress for uninvited guests. Before buying a device, you need to understand the varieties of such equipment.

Types of intercoms

A traditional intercom for a home consists of a pair of blocks – an external calling panel and an internal part. There are several categories in the design:

  1. With the presence of video (color, black and white) or without.
  2. Wireless or wired.
  3. With a handset or just a hands-free button.
  4. The handset can be portable (radio intercom) or stationary (does not detach from the panel).

When someone presses the button on the call panel, the owner of the house answers and opens the lock remotely. He can not only hear the voice of the guest, but also see his image if a model with a monitor is installed. The devices differ in case design and various additional features – the ability to save visitors’ photos, transfer data to the Internet, the presence of a DVR, the ability to connect several security cameras or outdoor panels.

Wired intercom

A modern intercom for a country house is often connected using a wire. This method is more laborious, there is still a possibility that during installation it will be necessary to hollow out the walls in order to carry out communications in an invisible way. To connect the outer and inner parts, a four-wire connecting wire is used, which is purchased separately according to preliminary calculations of the footage.

It is better to lay the cable at a depth of at least 50 cm underground. In order to avoid damage and disruptions in the operation of the intercom for a private house, the wires are laid in corrugated or plastic pipes. A cheaper and faster option is to lay the cable in an open way, in which case it is covered with plastic channel strips that match the color of the surface.

wired intercom

Wireless intercom for home

The best intercoms for a private home are wireless, they do not require wires and cables to install. The successful operation of such a mechanism is ensured by the battery, which must be periodically charged. The range of such a mechanism is up to 50 meters. The cost of this type of intercom is its high price, but the quality of the product and the convenience of laying compensate for this disadvantage.

wireless intercom for home

IP intercom for a private house

High-tech IP intercom for the home has a number of additional options. Its call panel is equipped with a video camera with high image quality, a microphone, a speaker, and function buttons. The internal transponder is connected to the Internet via a router, it looks like a touch panel located in a convenient place for the owner. As an additional intercom unit, a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop can be used. IP class systems can be wired or wirelessly connected.

ip intercom for a private house

Intercom functions

Any intercom for a private house in the minimum configuration provides the opportunity for a conversation between the owner and the visitor (+ video when choosing a model with a monitor) and opening the front door from the back of the gate or the owner from inside the home. Additionally, an intercom for a country house can have the following functions:

  1. Ability to connect multiple cameras and call panels to cover the entire area.
  2. Possibility of remote opening of the lock.
  3. Automatic video recording of visitors when motion sensors are triggered.
  4. Sufficient memory for recording in the absence of the owner.
  5. Swivel mechanism for video camera.
  6. Motion sensors and GPS alarms.
  7. Video feedback screen on the call bar.
  8. Touch control of the screen and block.
  9. Fingerprint lock control.
  10. Possibility of on-line access to the Internet.
  11. Automatic notification on the owner’s mobile phone about guests and a call to the security service.
  12. Answering a call signal from the owner’s mobile phone.

WiFi intercom with opening function

Wireless WiFi intercom with door opening function is a lightweight IP model. It is a calling panel with a call button, a video camera, a motion sensor and a LAN cable connector. The mechanism is controlled by means of a smartphone, on which a special application is installed. With the help of a WiFi intercom, you can open the gate not only while lying on the couch at home, but also from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. It is also easy to view the situation around the gate from the phone and, if necessary, let the guest in.

wifi intercom with opening function

Intercom function in intercoms – what is it?

A modern intercom with a lock for a private house, equipped with an intercom function, is indispensable for a multi-storey cottage with many rooms. The system allows you to combine several devices located in different rooms into a single network. In this case, the incoming call can be answered and the lock can be opened using any intercom. In addition, the intercom helps households communicate with each other, the blocks are used as intercoms for internal communication within the house.

Intercom with DVR function

As additional bonuses that an intercom for a private house can be equipped with, there is a photo or video shooting. Vigilant technique captures everyone who approaches the gate during the absence of the owners. Short videos of 12-15 seconds are recorded using a camera on the call panel and stored on the device. Its internal memory can hold up to 150 photos, the intercom with recording function can be equipped with memory cards up to 32 GB, saves up to 24 hours of video.

How to install an intercom in a private house?

Mounting an intercom for a private house with your own hands is difficult, but real. The main thing is to follow the instructions and assemble all the elements of the product according to the diagram. Intercom installation in a private house:

  1. The device is traditionally installed at the most convenient height for control – 1.5-1.6 m. First, they lay the wiring, lead it to the gate and into the house – a “twisted pair” for the Internet (if necessary) and a four-wire cable hidden in a corrugated hose. The power cord to the call panel is laid imperceptibly from the electric lock inside the gate.
  2. wiring harness

  3. In the house for the counterpart, a 220 V power cord, a “twisted pair” and a four-wire wire are separately output, combined into a corrugated hose.
  4. house wiring

  5. An electric lock is installed, from which the power cable goes outside to the overlay for calling.
  6. power cable
    electric lock installation

  7. A niche is cut out under the laid on outer part of the product with the help of a grinder and chisels.
  8. niche
    niche for intercom

  9. The contacts of the calling part are connected to the audio, video channels of the intercom and the lock on the street. The lock control unit (abbreviated BUZ) is also inserted into the niche.
  10. contact connection
    connection of all contacts

  11. All connections are hidden under the body of the outer panel, after which it is attached to the fixing plate.
  12. hiding cables under the panel
    plate fixing

  13. Similarly, inside the house, the speaking unit is connected to wires, a 220 V power cable and carefully attached to the wall with dowels and self-tapping screws. The intercom is ready to go.
  14. connecting wires and fixing the unit in the house

Intercom connection diagram in a private house

Before you install an intercom in a private house, you need to draw up a diagram of its connection. Key points when connecting:

  1. This is a standard scheme for connecting an intercom with a lock in one circuit: several wires must be laid from the receiver located in the house. If you plan to install only an audio device, you will need a three-wire cable, to install a model with a video signal, you need a four-wire cable. Both parts of the intercom are connected to 220 V using step-down power supplies.
  2. intercom wiring diagram in a private house
    intercom wiring diagram

  3. Two wires are responsible for the power supply, another pair – for the audio and video signal. For intercom use, each accessory is connected in series to the circuit with a four-wire cord.
  4. intercom connection diagram to the call panel

  5. Unlike wired models, which are powered by an intercom monitor, a wireless outdoor model that is not equipped with batteries must be additionally connected to a network and an Internet cable. A power outlet or an electrical cord should be located near the place of its installation. If the power supply is powerful, then the electric lock and the calling pad can be connected to the same 200 V source, as indicated in the diagram.
  6. Wiring diagram for wireless intercom