Main water filter - what is it, device, principle of operation, main types

More and more homeowners are not satisfied with the quality of tap water. From which they are forced to mount a special main water filter in the pipeline system, which supplies clean liquid to all plumbing and equipment in the house.

What is a main water filter?

Often, tap water does not suit many with its quality. It can have both an unpleasant smell or taste, and contain impurities that are potentially hazardous to health. The main filter can handle all these problems in a single apartment or house. This is a special cleaning device that is mounted directly into the water supply system and supplies clean water to all consumers in a house or apartment: plumbing and household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers).

what is a main water filter

Main water filter device

According to all the rules, the main flow-through water filter is installed at the inlet of the water supply to the house or apartment next to the meter. Its structure may differ depending on the chosen model and consist of:

  1. Holes for input and output of pipes.
  2. filter elements. In the most primitive devices, which are also called mud collectors, only a metal mesh is installed. More complex units can have up to five stages of purification.
  3. Some flowing main filters for water purification have a system for dumping contaminants into a special container. Others provide for the replacement of special cartridges.
  4. The case in which all internal elements are enclosed.

main water filter device

The principle of operation of the main water filter

For each house or apartment, you need to individually select the main filter for cold and hot water, since different models have different operating features. Although the principle of operation for all varieties of the device is simple:

  1. Water under high pressure is supplied to the inlet of the device.
  2. The device has cartridges for its cleaning. These can be metal meshes with holes of different diameters that trap debris particles. Also in more advanced models there are special filter elements that have bactericidal properties, soften water and perform other functions.
  3. Purified water enters the home plumbing system and is supplied to all receiving devices.

Types of main water filter

In specialized stores, a large selection of models of the main water filter is available, suitable for different user requirements. All presented devices differ in the degree of filtration.

  1. The main filter for water in a coarse cleaning apartment, capable of retaining only large particles of debris.
  2. A fine purification device that significantly improves water quality.

There are devices and throughput:

  1. There are devices that pass about 17-20 liters of fluid per minute.
  2. Units with a throughput of 20-30 l / min are considered more powerful.
  3. For large houses, it is more expedient to purchase a device with a parameter of the order of 55 l / min.

types of main water filter

Main fine filters

To obtain high-quality water suitable for cooking, washing and taking a shower / bath, you need a main flow filter for fine cold water. Such devices remove small suspensions from the incoming liquid, which degrade its quality. They may work in different ways:

  1. Sorption replaceable cartridges with different fillings, for example, activated carbon or sodium polyphosphate, purify water mechanically and chemically, removing fine suspensions and destroying pathogenic bacteria.
  2. Devices based on magnetic impulses soften water of any temperature due to the magnetic field. It destroys the existing scale of salts and alkalis.
  3. The in-line water filter with UV treatment has a disinfecting effect against a larger number of known microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

main fine filters

Main coarse filters

At the initial stage, it is advisable to install a flow-through main coarse filter for water in a house or apartment. Such a device will trap debris particles, which are many in outdated plumbing systems. Filtration is carried out mechanically due to the installation of metal meshes of different calibers from larger to finer. This approach allows you to effectively clear clogs of different diameters and save plumbing and household appliances.

The main water filter in a private coarse house becomes clogged with debris over time, after which it ceases to function. To prevent this from happening, it is important to wash it regularly. In addition, it is worth choosing the right devices for hot and cold water, because they are made of different materials that can work at different temperature ranges.

coarse filters

How to choose a main water filter?

Before buying a main filter for water purification, it is worth deciding on the following parameters before going to the store:

  1. The size of the main water filter, which is selected depending on the diameter of the pipeline and the availability of free space.
  2. The throughput of the device, which varies between 20-55 l / min.
  3. Permissible pressure loss in the water supply after installing the purifier, which varies between 0.1-06 bar. This parameter is especially important to take into account for residents of the upper floors and those who have low pressure in the system, otherwise you need to install a main pump.
  4. Filtration type and composition of fine cleaning cartridges. In different regions, water has different impurities, therefore, with proper installation, a chemical analysis is first carried out, after which it becomes clear what it is worth purifying water from.
  5. Manufacturer and price. Quality products are more expensive than little-known novelties, however, the guarantee of their use is much higher.

Dimensions of main water filters

When choosing a flowing main filter for hot water, you should be guided by the diameter of the pipe on which it will be installed. Its dimensions are usually in the range of 0.5-1 inches. The parameters of the cleaners themselves are also often standardized:

  1. In the fine cleaning system, cartridges are produced with a diameter of 110-120 mm. Their height can be from 254 to 508 mm.
  2. Stainless steel products can be produced in sizes 175×605, 175×345 mm. The Geyser company, for example, produces other modifications: with a diameter of 185 mm, the height is 350 mm, and with 105 mm, 340 mm.

Rating of main water filters

Not every cleaner model is equally good at the task at hand. Among the most popular and sought-after varieties of cleaning devices are:

  1. Geyser Typhoon 20 BB. According to many users, this is the best main filter for hot or cold water. It is made of stainless steel, equipped with a pressure relief valve and a drain hole. The cost is $180.
  2. rating of main water filters Geyser Typhoon 20BB

  3. Fibos-1 – model with mechanical and bactericidal cleaning without replaceable cartridges. The cost is $157.
  4. rating of main water filters Fibos-1

  5. New Water A082 – reliable cleaner with simple installation and operation. It cleans well from a variety of impurities, but requires replacement cartridges. The cost is $110.
  6. rating of main water filters Novaya Voda A082

  7. Honeywell FF 06 1/2” AAM– single-stage filtration system that can be installed on both hot and cold water. The cost is $74.
  8. rating of mainline water filters Honeywell

  9. Barrier VM 1/2 – a model of a budget price category, which cleans well even in apartment buildings with an old pipeline, without affecting the pressure in the system. Requires cartridge replacement every 3-4 months. The cost is $19.
  10. rating of main water filters Barrier VM

How to install a main water filter?

You can cope with the installation of a flow-through main water filter for an apartment both independently and with the involvement of a professional. The owner may well perform the installation himself, knowing the installation algorithm:

  1. The place for installation is selected. It must be at the system inlet before the meter. It is important to consider that all elements should be easily accessible for repair or replacement of cartridges.
  2. The water supply is shut off.
  3. The place of installation is marked on the wall. Rigid fastening is a must.
  4. Holes are drilled into which the plastic dowel parts of the nails are inserted.
  5. The cleaner is connected to the pipes with couplings in the right direction. The joints are wrapped with FUM tape.
  6. The device is fixed on the wall.
  7. The tightness of the installation and the operation of the device are checked by opening the taps for 4-5 minutes.