Of course, we do not propose to get rid of traditional light sources. But why don’t they pick up additional ones as companions – original lamps? We adopt non-standard decorating techniques and fashionable design developments.

Find a new place for familiar lamps
Take, for example, spotlights. Agree: much more often we are used to seeing them on the ceiling – especially in corridors and common areas. But what is stopping you from mounting them at the head of the bed? Yes, this move is not new, but quite effective: in this way, you will not only be able to highlight some art object decorating the wall above your head, but also create a romantic atmosphere — provided that the rest of the light is turned off and the halogens themselves are not the biggest power.

Advice: Halogens get very hot during operation. Use spotlights based on LEDs so that you do not accidentally burn yourself on a heated lamp while adjusting your pillow.

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Add light around the perimeter
LEDs today are on the crest of a wave! Tiny light bulbs, which sometimes you don’t notice at first glance, have the power to compete with Edison’s invention, a virtually endless color palette and many years of service life.

But, perhaps, their most important advantage is the variability of shapes and colors. You can decorate one of the walls of the apartment with LED wallpaper (yes, Western manufacturers already produce such wallpapers!). And you can hide LED strips under the plinth or cornice or decorate them with an alcove, if there is one in the apartment. Such a play with light nuances always visually expands the space.

ideas: LED lighting on the porch visor will allow you to highlight the front door with a new color every day.

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Find a trendy fit
Lighting design guru Ingo Maurer or advanced Briton Paul Cocksedge will come to the rescue. All their inventions (you can’t call these lamps otherwise!) are so extraordinary that they definitely won’t go unnoticed. What is worth a nylon fishing net with tiny fireflies embedded in its weaves, or a vase lamp that burns until the flower placed there withers.


Call on irony
It is not necessary to invest hundreds of thousands in a designer lamp of an intricate shape—it is enough to find an unusual lamp model. An example in the photo: the designers chose a model in the form of industrial hinged lamps assembled in a bundle as a chandelier. There is a complete feeling that bakelite lamps, popular in the 1940s, hang overhead.

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holiday lights
Yes, you guessed right – we are talking about garlands! And it is completely wrong to assume that this is an exclusively winter decoration that sets you up for the New Year. In a modern interior, such an accessory will be appropriate all year round, and most importantly, in absolutely any room: from a nursery to an adult bedroom, living room or kitchen. You just need to get rid of the obviously New Year paraphernalia and leave only hanging ribbons strewn with miniature light bulbs.

Not a single garland can act as the main source of light, but as an alternative – great! It will not only provide soft diffused light, but also create a romantic mood in the interior. Control it with your own hands!

Nina Frolova

Garlands are so versatile that you can mount them in any corner of your apartment: wrap around table lamps, decorate the head of the bed, hang from the cornice, stretch on the ceiling, highlight bookcases with them, and even create a light frame for the screen of a home movie projector. It’s nice that the installation takes a minimum of time, and the position of the lamp can be changed according to your mood — either lower the curtains from the eaves to the floor, or wrap them around a flower pot, or throw them on a mirror .

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Stretch garlands under the ceiling
Most likely, you have seen similar photos on blogs — garlands are stretched over the terrace of a country house, they twine trees in the garden. A slight difficulty lies in the fact that the “warm” season in our country is offensively short, and in winter, no garlands in a frosty garden will work for a long time. But what if you use the idea on the balcony or loggia of a city apartment? It will look no less impressive! Several garlands can be stretched parallel to each other or crosswise.

Advice: You can stretch not only New Year’s garlands, but also track lights.

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TS Design | Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich

All in a bundle
This current trend is just a storehouse of extraordinary design moves and an endless field for the manifestation of your wild imagination! One lamp under the ceiling is not enough (especially in a large room) – so hang five or all ten!

Modern designers offer a lot of options for using the same models of lamps in one space.

They can be placed over the entire ceiling area, or they can be grouped in a specific area – for example, above the dining table. You can arrange the lamps randomly, or you can line them up strictly according to the ruler—or, on the contrary, create a circle of light from them.

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Lamps on long cords are easily assembled into a bundle, forming a kind of light bouquet. And if necessary, it can be easily untied – and each of the bulbs will become an individual source of lighting: you just need to think over additional fasteners for each of them in advance. This technique, of course, looks especially impressive on today’s fashionable lamps in the spirit of “Ilyich’s bulbs”.

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The more unusual the lampshade itself or the light source, the more effective the method of multiplying single-lamp suspensions works. We advise you to group a fair amount of Murano glass lamps or copper Turkish and Moroccan lamps that cast openwork shadows.

Home “Shadow Theatre”: Learning to work with decorative light

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The disks are spinning
A fashionable flash mob on the theme of the 1990s, which has swept social networks today, can lead to another non-standard solution – to use disco balls as an additional light source.
Of course, such a light story is more suitable for decorating informal apartments with the entourage of youth parties: what could be better than a disco ball to provide multi-colored beams, twinkling lights and a slow-motion effect!

But some daredevils can try to hang such a lamp in a quite respectable house, making this object not so much a light source as a bright and noticeable art object.

In a word, do not be afraid of experiments – give free rein to your imagination, and the light will help you!