Staircase to the cellar

Having a basement in your house means having food supplies for the winter with maximum comfort. But without a ladder, getting into the cellar will be problematic. Therefore, its manufacture should be taken care of even at the time of building a house, because this building must comply with safety requirements.

The ladder for the cellar can be made in various ways or you can purchase an attached one – it will come out cheaper, but not very convenient. Such a ladder can be a temporary option, as it is quite difficult to go down and climb it regularly. In addition, you should also think about the fact that bags or boxes of potatoes will also have to be lowered into the cellar in this way.

Cellar metal stairs

It would be more practical to use a ladder made of metal. It is very durable, although it is prone to corrosion. Usually the staircase to the cellar is cooked from a corner – an angular metal profile, at least 3 mm thick. But in order to make such a device, you will need to purchase the necessary material and have a welding machine at hand. If not, then you will have to hire a welder.

After the frame of the stairs is made, the steps are sewn up with sheet metal of the required thickness. For the cellar, there are special primers with which you can process the metal so that it does not corrode longer.

Since metal steps are quite slippery, and the cellar is a place with high humidity, it is recommended to sheathe them with either wood or other material. Rough ceramic tiles are perfect.

Wooden staircase to the cellar

A less expensive business is to make a ladder out of wood. Do not be afraid that it will not last long, because you can give it moisture-resistant qualities with the help of special impregnations.

It is not difficult to make a wooden staircase – you only need self-tapping screws, two wide guide boards and boards for steps. This material costs less than metal and does not require welding to equip the basement.

Concrete stairs to the cellar

If there is a place, then it will be most reliable to build a concrete staircase. Its base is made of any brick – even a used one will do. Already after, with the help of formwork, steps are poured from cement mortar of high strength. Such a ladder after processing special. the composition will serve for many years, without collapsing, if the steps are contoured with a metal profile.

Calculation of stairs to the cellar

It is very important to correctly calculate the slope of the stairs, since too much can cause a traumatic situation, and a small one will take up useful space. It is desirable that the slope is about 30 °.

The size of the steps of the stairs for descending into the cellar should be about 90 cm long and 30 cm wide. Each step should have a height of about 15-20 cm. If this figure is larger, then it will be quite difficult to climb such a ladder and then handrails will be required . It is allowed that the upper and lower steps are slightly higher or lower, but for the rest of the distance the distance between them should be unchanged. Having worked hard, you can get an excellent staircase design that will be safe and convenient for users of any age.