It has long been customary to decorate the festive table with a tablecloth, it was considered a sign of wealth and good taste. Times have changed, but traditions have remained the same, only the use of tablecloths and napkins on the table has become wider. Many housewives use a tablecloth as a daily attribute of cleanliness and freshness to decorate their home. But for everyday use and for festive feasts, different types of tablecloths are selected, both in terms of fabric composition and pattern, and they also differ in shape.

Tablecloth 1 Tablecloth 2

How to correctly determine the size of the tablecloth?

There is a math for getting the right size. To do this, you need to clearly measure the countertop and add 20 centimeters to each side, that is, 40 centimeters to the length and width. After all, the classic table decoration provides for twenty-centimeter “drops” hanging from each corner. This rule is suitable for a rectangular and square table.

The same principles are used when choosing a tablecloth for a round and oval table, adding 40 centimeters to the original length and width. But even if it is not possible to purchase a beautiful tablecloth for the table of the right size, it is worth remembering that it is better if the tablecloth is longer than the norm than shorter.

Table cloth 3

Tablecloth on a round table

Traditionally, a round table is covered with a round tablecloth, but if you show a little imagination and lay a square tablecloth over a round one, then such a table will look completely different – more festive and elegant. The colors of the tablecloths should be contrasting and harmoniously complement each other. Often tablecloths and napkins on the table are included, but if you wish, you can improvise by choosing more suitable for a particular occasion. A white plain tablecloth is perfectly complemented by colored napkins and vice versa – white napkins are placed on a bright and colorful tablecloth.

Table cloth 4

Tablecloth on an oval table

On an oval table, both an oval tablecloth and a rectangular one will look great. As in the case of a round table, in order to achieve a more festive effect, only the table should first be covered with a rectangular tablecloth, and then with an oval one, while the bottom one should be 15-20 centimeters longer than the top one.

Table cloth 5

Tablecloth on the kitchen table

In everyday life, we are used to doing without a tablecloth in the kitchen, because it is more practical. But if you use modern Teflon-coated tablecloths that repel dirt and are easy to wash, then every day will turn into a holiday, and a table with a tablecloth will look harmonious in the kitchen.

Tablecloth 6