Inlavka (Interior Shop)

7. Interior perfume
From the name it is clear that this is a perfume that we do not apply to the body, but use in our home. Interior perfumes can be sprayed simply in the air, sometimes on curtains (be careful – some types of fabrics may stain).

Another option is to apply fragrance to ceramics. Due to the porosity of the structure, ceramics will absorb the aroma and release it gradually. Naturally, you need to apply it to areas of ceramics without glaze – from the side or from the back of the product. Also on sale there are special ceramic interior elements for these purposes. Sometimes masters in aromatization of rooms allow you to use ordinary perfume for these purposes – after all, it happens that you like the fragrance from the outside, on other people, but you cannot wear it on yourself – and the bottle is unnecessary. A good candidate for this role.

8.Industrial Flavoring
For premises with a large area, there is a service of special industrial aromatization — invited experts go to the site, make calculations and choose aromas for your task. They are usually used in public spaces, but if you have a large house that needs to be smelled, this can be a quick and effective way.

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