waffle towel

Such a household item as a waffle towel is familiar to each of us since childhood. Interestingly, his popularity is not going to be a thing of the past. Today, waffle towels can be found both in ordinary modest apartments and in the most modern luxury hotels. What is the secret of its popularity? Can’t the characteristics of a waffle towel be surpassed by the latest fabrics? Now let’s answer these questions.

History of the waffle towel

Obviously, the towel got its name because of the similarity of its checkered texture to confectionery waffles, but initially it became known in the world as the “Turkish towel”. It was in Turkey in the 18th century in the town of Bursa that such an original weaving was first invented and tested. The weavers of this area actively experimented and offered the world many options for towels, but it was waffle that became the most popular. Initially, embossed towels were woven by hand, and the master managed to make no more than four pieces in a day. No wonder they were very expensive at the time.

Characteristics and properties of waffle towel

Let’s start with the fact that the waffle towel has earned recognition for its composition – it is 100% cotton. The naturalness of the fabric makes it hypoallergenic and suitable for all people without exception. Another significant characteristic of a waffle towel is its unique hygroscopicity. The absorbency factor is affected by the density of a particular waffle towel, which can range from 120g/m² to 240g/m². But in any case, it absorbs many times more moisture than a terry or regular cotton towel, and dries quickly enough. For example, if the weight of a waffle towel is 150 g, it will absorb three times more liquid than a cotton fabric of the same weight. And finally, the waffle towel is quite durable, it perfectly tolerates machine washing and long-term use without losing its external presentability.

Application of waffle towels

A waffle towel in everyday life is almost indispensable. As already mentioned, due to naturalness, softness and hygroscopicity, not only the usual kitchen waffle towels, but waffle bath towels are popular. They are also suitable for children’s delicate skin. In addition to personal use, waffle towels are convenient for cleaning surfaces. For example, when cleaning glass or polished furniture, such a fabric does not leave any damage or streaks. Another plus is the absence of pile, which is often a companion of other fabrics. All this makes waffle towels in demand in body care, home care, car care, etc. etc. If earlier a waffle towel had standard dimensions (usually 40×75 cm), today you can find towels with various parameters. Moreover, it is easy to purchase just a roll of waffle web, from which you can cut towels and waffle bath towelsrags for technical needs of any desired proportions.

Waffle Towel Care

Obviously, during use, a towel cannot remain perfectly clean, and since, as we have already found out, the waffle fabric retains its properties for a long time, I want the appearance of the towel to remain at the same level. Firstly, you can safely wash white waffle towels in the machine even at the highest temperatures (colored – at 40 ° C), this will not damage the structure. Secondly, if the question arises of how to bleach waffle towels, then we can say that any methods will do – from washing in bleach to folk methods, there are no restrictions. Many still consider boiling with laundry soap to be the best whitening option.