Every year certainly brings something new: some trends replace others, the public seems to fall in love again with the next design ideas. And this “frivolity” constantly moves progress, forcing designers to look for new forms and images. Many trends come to Russia from the West, and now customers are more open to something new and beautiful, which cannot but rejoice. People began to pay more attention to aesthetics, cultivate the comfort and coziness of home space, attracting professional interior designers.

My research does not claim to be absolute coverage and in no case can be extended to any customer of any bureau in Russia. We are talking about several hundred of our projects that we have done in recent years. And about those preferences in the style and design of the space that our clients broadcast from time to time. Obviously, five favorites stand out.

Architectural bureau SL*project

1. Solid classics in the American style
The modern classical American style is distinguished by conservatism, respectability and a certain eclecticism at the same time. In the interior, space is necessarily planned for the combined area of ​​​​the kitchen, living room and dining room. Previously, such attention was not paid to the unification of space, but now many customers take it for granted that if they make a living room, then only combined with a kitchen.

Rachel Oliver Design LLC

In the interior, the focus is on a predominantly light, pastel color palette and shades of natural wood. Much attention is also paid to details: the print on the furniture upholstery, the paneled frames of the windows and glass doors, the comfortable banquette in the hallway, the exquisite candlestick on the chest of drawers, the beautiful doorknobs.

Nadezhda Guseva/ interior designer and decorator

Who usually orders American classics?

  • Family people who appreciate the relaxed atmosphere in the house.
  • Owners of relatively spacious housing – American classics do not welcome crowding.
  • Esthete travelers. Those who like to fill the interior with gizmos brought from travels: American style will be an excellent backdrop for all these little things.

Lev Lugovskoy

Olga Shangina | Photography

2. Creative loft and styling for it
The most open layout, large windows, high ceilings and a sense of freedom – this is the essence of this interior style in the language of the layman. Yes, the loft needs appropriate (previously non-residential) spaces. But often the customer asks to create a neo-loft, a high-quality stylization of the elements of the chosen style in the available space. The experience of my colleagues confirms this trend: there are quite a few loft-style projects implemented in new buildings.

Loft-style interiors: Works of Russian architects


Who usually orders lofts?

  • People of creative professions: it will not be difficult to equip a workshop or a photo studio in a loft.
  • Young customers who are used to living as simply as possible, but at the same time comfortable, loft loves simplicity and functionality, affordable even for the smallest budget.
  • For those who are used to being on their own. A loft is usually a united space that can be easily decorated to the taste of one person, it does not require a particularly dedicated dining or living area, and the bed can generally become the center of the entire interior.

Cabbages & Roses Ltd

3. Casual coastal
Coastal style, originally called Coastal Living, is insanely popular due to the atmosphere of relaxation and the joy of being, which is imbued with it. The coastal style in the interior is associated with warm beaches and gentle sunsets, dispelled by the summer breeze. Who doesn’t want that feeling at home! Especially if the customer has just returned from a pleasant trip to the sea and, impressed by it, orders an interior in shades of the sky, sand, sea, imagining multilayer curtains in the wind and bliss on a hot afternoon.

Designers are well aware that this style in Russian conditions “works” only in hot sunny summers – in other seasons it looks gray. But if we are talking about a summer country house, why not.

butter&velvet Home & Design

Who usually orders coastal style?

  • Couples with children – for a country house.
  • People with busy schedules and large amounts of work who want to relax as much as possible after a hard day’s work.
  • Romantic girls (there are a lot of Provence, shabby chic and other traditionally female styles in the marine style).

Ekaterina Fedorova

Abigail Ahern

4. Daring fusion
Despite the visual storm of elements and color schemes, fusion or eclecticism in the interior is one of the most accurate styles. This interior is comfortable and filled with style to the smallest detail. Fusion in the interior involves a combination of objects, colors and textures from different eras, tonalities and styles, but at the same time such an interior is very intuitive and tuned to its inhabitant.

As a rule, the common space is united by a background shade, and all other objects are collected in it in a single image, like a painting in the style of impressionism or hyper-realism. Here you can safely combine green and crimson, a 1950s-style armchair and a Victorian era desk, Soviet posters and avant-garde paintings. There is one “but”: one cannot do without the hand of a designer or a finely developed stylistic flair.

Lavka Design

Who orders the fusion style?

  • Those who are not bothered by various color combinations and stylistic imbalances.
  • Collectors and connoisseurs of art, as well as those who are “in the subject” of design. So, eclectic original interiors are very loved by designers and architects themselves; they are traditionally chosen for the customer, who gives free rein to the author, or if the designer is designing the interior design of his own home.
  • Those who have decided to radically change something in their lives: the creative space of the fusion style will contribute to creative thinking and bold initiatives.

Katerina Lashmanova

5. Classics in a new reading
A modern classic interior changes over time from one quality to another: either refined interiors, sustained in conservative moods, or simple shapes and cozy fabrics. Today, the image of a modern classic interior in the understanding of a Russian customer is a prototype of a room in an elite expensive hotel. In the best sense of the word, of course. They ask to create such a level of relaxation and comfort that the interior does not draw attention to itself – it envelops and gives a feeling of peace.


Katerina Lashmanova

It is clear that special attention is paid in such an interior to the bedroom and living room: upholstered furniture, as if inviting to sit down, cozy pillows and decorative elements in the form of a composition of photographs, fresh flowers and carpets with long pile. It remains to add a warm bathrobe, hospitable slippers and a bottle of good champagne.

Who orders discreet classics?

  • Wealthy couples who value comfort and sophistication.
  • People who are ready for the discreet presence of color in the interior.