Which tablet to choose - what you should know before buying?

The question of which tablet to choose for studying, watching movies or reading books should be taken seriously. Working with a bad device spoils the eyes and exhausts the nerves, low-quality gadgets quickly break down. The cost of the device is an important nuance, but besides this, there are many characteristics that the buyer of a new mini computer should know.

What are the options for choosing a tablet?

Standing in front of a giant showcase with multi-colored gadgets in a store, it is not easy to choose the right tablet according to the parameters. We are often confused by a large selection of devices or a cunning consultant who is trying to sell stale goods to an inexperienced person. Even at home, on the eve of buying a mobile device, think carefully about the tasks for which you want to buy it. This is the main point that directly affects which tablet you need to choose among the many of its counterparts that are identical in appearance.

What is the best processor for a tablet?

For fans of reading or watching movies, the brand of the processor is not very important, any, even a cheap Chinese chip, will normally cope with this task. You can safely save money and buy a budget device from a good brand with an old processor if you are not going to load it with modern 3D games. For young people who love powerful toys with high graphics, who value fast page loading and wireless speed, the brand of the processor plays a crucial role in deciding which tablet to choose for the home.

The best processors for a tablet:

  • NVIDIA Tegra;
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon;
  • Samsung Exynos;
  • Intel Atom;
  • MediaTek;
  • Apple.

Many brands produce both expensive powerful chips and budget processor options. In the task of choosing a good tablet, you need to pay attention to the clock speed and the number of cores, the higher these parameters, the better you will run powerful games on your mobile computer. Do not forget about the heating of the device while working with heavy programs. Often cheap gadgets with processors with poor heat dissipation burn their hands like irons after 15-20 minutes, and it is extremely uncomfortable to play them for a long time.

Solving the problem of which tablet is better to choose for work or leisure, do not forget about the memory of the drive. If you love downloading TV shows to your device or often install “heavy” games, then do not purchase tablets with a hard drive memory of less than 32 GB. As for RAM, it is not recommended to choose mini-computers with RAM less than 2 GB, it is worth buying tablets for games with RAM from 3 GB – 4 GB. Its volume will affect the performance and speed of data processing.

With which operating system should I choose a tablet?

It’s easy to figure out what kind of tablets are according to the type of operating system. The three strongest giants have supplanted competitors and reign in the world of mobile devices – Android, iOS and Windows. Experts advise to purchase all mobile gadgets for the family on the same platform, then there will be no problems with their compatibility. Each system has its own shortcomings and shortcomings, they are constantly evolving and are in no hurry to give the market to competitors.

Mobile systems for tablets:

  1. Apple iOS is a system for iPad tablets, famous for its easy intuitive control and the highest reliability, updates are constantly being released to all working devices. Of the minuses, you need to name a scanty amount of free programs, incompatibility with Flash Player. The total binding to iTunes makes it inconvenient for the iPad to work in regions with poor Internet.
  2. Android is a rapidly developing system with a flexible interface that works on tablets of any price group. This OS allows you to get unlimited control over the gadget. For a person with a small budget in business, which tablet to choose for themselves, there are practically no alternatives to Android. Disadvantages – there are a lot of poor quality programs on Google Play, a greater risk, compared to Apple iOS, to download a virus. Periodic system updates come to exceptionally expensive models, and cheap brands leave their tablets without support after a short time.
  3. Windows – good reliability, full compatibility with laptops and desktops, best suited for office applications. You will not have problems connecting a keyboard, printer, mouse and other devices. If you do not know which tablet to choose for work, then feel free to buy a model for Windows.

What size tablet to choose?

The size of the diagonal greatly affects the cost of a mobile computer, but comfort and the ability to perform tasks with high quality directly depend on this parameter. When deciding what size tablet to choose for a family, hold the selected gadget in your hands, try to browse the Internet pages on it, read the text, watch a short video. Find out how convenient it is to perform everyday tasks on it.

  1. Diagonal 7” – the smallest and lightest model, it is convenient to carry it in a purse or large pocket. The best solution for people who want to read, check mail and watch movies on the road.
  2. 8” tablet – a mobile device with a 3/4 aspect ratio, great for reading books.
  3. Tablet with a diagonal of 9.7” – recommended for working with office programs, for the Internet, watching movies. Gadgets are heavy, they require bags for transportation, they are best used in the office and at home.

How to choose the right tablet?

If you have studied the main characteristics of mini computers, then deciding for yourself which tablet is best for work or play will be easy. Do not forget about the additional features that manufacturers delight owners of mobile devices. Fans of taking pictures need to ask about the quality of cameras, drivers are always interested in the availability of GPS. The presence of an accelerometer, a light sensor, a powerful battery, a built-in mobile communication module makes a simple tablet an extremely useful and necessary thing.

  How to choose the right tablet

How to choose a tablet for the Internet?

Internet access is impossible without a Wi-Fi module, all modern tablets are equipped with this device and can work on the World Wide Web. A mini computer with a large diagonal, which is constantly at home or in the office, is enough. If you are concerned about the question of how to choose a quality tablet for calls and permanent Internet access, then without a built-in LTE, 4G or 3G module, it is better not to buy a device. Comfortable surfing and watching online movies is best done on gadgets with powerful processors and high-quality screens.

How to choose a tablet for the Internet

How to choose a tablet for games?

Modern programs increasingly require powerful hardware, so miniature computers with 1 GB of RAM should not be considered for purchase at all. Thinking about which tablet to choose for games, you can shell out a lot of money for a flagship device or be content with a budget option. Premium devices have 6-8 core processors, their speed and power reserve are designed for several years with a margin. On quad-core tablets, you’ll have to set it to medium or even minimum settings for the latest high-graphics games.

Which tablet to choose for reading books?

A 7 or 8 inch diagonal is a chic option for people who are wondering what is the best tablet for reading books on the go. To minimize the harmful effect of a flickering picture on the eyes, you need a device with a minimum screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels and a good IPS matrix. The advantage of an Android tablet is that it is able to read all existing formats using popular programs – Cool Reader, FBReader, Moon + Reader, PocketBook Reader.

Which tablet to choose for movies?

For comfortable watching movies, do not purchase cheap devices with a TFT screen. The best choice is IPS or Super AMOLED screens with a resolution of 1920×1200. Modern films are more convenient to watch on tablets with 16×9 aspect ratio. Black frames almost always appear on 4×3 screens, so if you want to choose a tablet with a large screen, it is better to give preference to a 10.1-inch gadget. The best sound is in expensive branded models with two speakers from Sony, Samsung, Apple. If you want to enjoy watching movies on the road, then you need a large memory card and a 6000 mAh battery.

Which tablet to choose for a child?

In the question of how to choose tablets, follow the simple recommendations of experienced users. Devices with a diagonal of 9-10 inches are heavy, they are inconvenient in games for small children’s hands. A budget model of 7-8 inches with a durable case and a simple set of programs is suitable for a kid under 7 years old. Children under 14 can purchase a mini computer with an inexpensive camera, a Wi-Fi module, a high-quality battery, limiting visits to unwanted sites by the “Parental Control Function”. It is undesirable to save on the screen; for children’s eyes, choose gadgets with HD resolution.

Which tablet to choose for a child

Which brand of tablet is better to choose?

The IPAD is a durable and reliable tablet, but its cost deters many middle-income people from buying Windows or Android models. Samsung is catching up with Apple in popularity, its mobile computers have always been famous for their quality. This is followed by manufacturers Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft. In the question “Budget tablet, which company is better to buy?”, the leading brands are Supra, Prestigo, Texet, Wexler.