More and more people today are thinking about developing a personal brand. After all, when a name works for you, you do not need to depend on the welfare of the company, and the risk of losing a job because of someone else’s opinion is significantly reduced. But what is a personal brand? Is it really possible to make money on it? All these questions of dni.ru were answered by marketing specialist and blogger Katya Kos.

What is a personal brand and why you need it

The concept of a personal brand appeared in 1937, long before the birth of the Internet and social networks. At that time, he meant by himself an individual positioning in society. And Napoleon Hill wrote this definition in his book Think and Grow Rich. In the 80s, the term acquired the outlines familiar to modern netizens. Since then, a personal brand has meant the image of a person in the minds of others and the values ​​​​promoted by him.

The essence of a personal brand is to increase the recognition of a person in order to create a reputation and monetize it. The latter, as you know, is possible if a person has a good reputation in society.

How to monetize a personal brand


This personal branding format is suitable for psychologists, coaches, doctors, business analysts, marketers, artists, teachers, and more. The more and better you consult, the higher the chances of becoming known through word of mouth.


People with a strong personal brand are often seen as role models. If such a person advertises a product, then, most likely, seven out of ten people who see the advertisement will buy the product on the tip of an idol. That is why brands often consider bloggers and media personalities to promote their own products.

Hosting an event

Many experts today spend a lot of money to organize a meeting with fans or speak at an offline event. The costs are often recouped by the tickets sold and the sponsors of the event, and as a bonus, the reputation of the speaker is increased. If you have a strong personal brand, organize your own event in cooperation with the platform or simply register as a speaker on a forum that suits your professional interests.


When you notice that you are increasingly being asked for advice or even offered to teach what you understand for a fee – do not waste time, earn money! Create your own educational product, such as online courses or webinars. In 2022, they are in trend and bring good earnings.


Fans can follow not only your professional achievements. If you are into cosmetics, read a lot of books or watch movies, share your passions with the audience. People are attracted to personality, so your personal opinion will be taken with great interest.