If sleeping on a good old down pillow is simply pleasant, then on an orthopedic pillow it is also good for health. Properly selected, it works wonders: it cures migraines, makes you forget about back pain, relieves chronic fatigue.

The rules for selecting bedding with an orthopedic effect are determined by the structural features of the human spine. In its natural position, it has a curved shape, with a greater bend in the cervical region. In an upright position, the muscles are responsible for the correct support of the spinal column, but during sleep, all muscles are relaxed, so the cervical region may need additional support.

When should you use an orthopedic pillow?

The decision to purchase a pillow with orthopedic properties is made individually. However, in some cases, experts strongly recommend sleeping on just such a model:

  • Disorders and diseases of the upper spine. In this case, the orthopedic pillow supports the body in the correct position, which allows you to relieve pain and overexertion.
  • Fatigue, headaches, back problems, hand numbness. Most often they occur during sedentary work or excessive physical exertion. In this case, sleeping on a model with an orthopedic effect helps relieve pinched nerve endings and restore normal blood circulation, including that of the brain.
  • Difficulty falling asleep. Often, insomnia is associated with problems of internal organs, stress, or inappropriate parameters of a sleeping place. For those who sleep restlessly at night, such a pillow will help to relax and make the rest complete.

Perhaps the most important thing in an orthopedic pillow is its filling. It is on him that the elasticity and elasticity of the product depends, the ability to perfectly adapt to the shape of the neck and head.

Orthopedic pillows with memory effect have both preventive and curative effects. With osteochondrosis, their use will help get rid of pain in the neck. Even in the absence of a disease, the product will prevent its occurrence.

What is the secret of the memory pillow?

The main advantage of memory foam pillows is their heat-sensitive filler. It is made from specially processed polyurethane, which as a result acquires viscoelastic properties.

All memory materials have a foam structure: there are many small air balls inside, which are separated by thin membranes. When you lie down on a memory pillow, your own warmth makes these baffles more elastic, and the pillow flexes, but only where it comes into contact with the body and heats up. And the remaining unheated part of it retains elastic properties, due to this, and provides the muscles with reliable support.

Delicate in all respects, a memory pillow will gently “flow around” every curve of the part of the body that is located on it. This means that you will not feel the pressure of the pillow, but only feel its reliable support in the right places. The pillow does not push your body out, but gently takes it into itself, repeating its shape. Due to this, the effect of “weightlessness” is achieved: you practically do not feel it, do not experience pressure on yourself. This is not only extremely pleasant, but also useful. Muscles relax, the spine straightens, blood flow is restored, which improves the supply of oxygen to the brain. This is exactly what is required for a good rest.

Orthopedic pillow dream for neck and back pain is designed to improve the quality of sleep and overall health. It meets all the requirements listed above. You must enter an article 59289635 and you will become the proud owner of a pillow that will change your life and you will sleep like a baby!

You deserve healthy sleep!