Knitted toys have become extremely popular these days. The child grows and develops very quickly. How to make sure that your baby’s childhood is accompanied by bright, safe and useful toys?

You can, of course, buy them. Now in children’s goods stores there is a huge selection of toys for every taste and color. But are they really that harmless? Will they be able to help in the difficult task of developing and raising children?

Recently, dolls and other objects for children’s play with an aggressive, sexual orientation have appeared. Such toys are unlikely to be able to teach the baby something good. When buying such toys, you should not go on about the child, it is better to stop and think about whether they are so useful …

If you want your baby to develop while playing, then you can offer to buy knitted toys. At the moment, they have a large selection of any size and theme. Handmade soft toys usually bear a direct resemblance to real dolls or animals. This allows the child to create an undistorted view of the people, animals and objects around him.

The most important advantage of a soft toy is to give tenderness and comfort to babies. In moments of sadness, the baby holds them in his arms, gently hugging him, clings to them when he feels bad.

Take care of your children, from childhood surround them with the right kind and high-quality toys, even if there are not many of them, but they will be the most beloved and not like the faceless toys of the mass market, and this contribution will certainly be appreciated by them in the future when they grow up and their children they will also be brought up on good handmade toys, and this is valuable!

Choose a handmade toy in our store with your baby!