With the appearance of a baby in the house, it is easy for new parents in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sleepless nights to get confused and completely forget that children from birth need our help for harmonious growth, development and knowledge of the world around them. Today we want to tell you about where to start and why you need to develop a child.

Why do parents need to use educational toys?

There are the following main reasons why the right educational toys should be in your home:

  • help in the adaptation of the child to the world around him;
  • affect the psychological development of the child;
  • develop curiosity;
  • help to identify the talents and abilities of the child at an early stage;
  • contribute to the development of speech;
  • educate independence skills;
  • by developing creative thinking, perseverance and other skills in a child from an early age, you solve many problems in the future: poor school performance, the child’s inability to independently organize leisure activities, and, as a result, increased interest in gadgets and TV, difficulty in communicating with peers.

Agree, weighty arguments in favor of early development.

Why ZABIAYKA toys are a great choice?

Any toy can teach a child something new, but not every toy is able to interest. Bright and rich colors of ZABIAYKA play sets will attract the attention of the baby and at the same time teach you to distinguish colors, counting skills, help develop perseverance, logical and spatial thinking.

Toys that limit the creative thinking of the child, aimed at playing according to one scenario, harm the child. With game sets from ZABIAYKA you will not face such a problem. In most play sets you will find cards with learning activities adapted to the age of your child.

Help for parents

All educational toys involve the interaction of an adult and a child. However, the gaming phone from ZABIAYKA “Funny Animals” will be a great helper for parents if you need a minute or two to rest, and for a child it will be a source of knowledge, a teacher and a friend. The musical phone will interest the child as a toy, help develop his visual and auditory perception, fine motor skills, logic, imagination, and also stimulate mental activity.

As you can see, play sets and toys from ZABIAYKA are not only able to entertain and distract the child, but they also contribute to its comprehensive development, because are created in accordance with the most famous author’s Montessori methods.