It’s never too late to learn, and even more so to look good! (With)

Hello girls! I want as many people as possible to know more about their skin. And they knew how to defend it properly!


There are a number of signs that determine the health of the skin:

  • moisture content;
  • elasticity and resilience;
  • lack of foci of peeling;
  • uniform color of the epidermis;
  • absence of pigment spots.

And any deviation from the norm requires your control.

What is the sun doing to us?

Creams with spf 50 are considered by many to interfere with getting a tan, but this is not so.

Sun in addition to vitamin D and good mood, it is also the main enemy for the skin! The sun is dangerous to health in general! And calls for premature aging. It is spf 50 that protects the skin most effectively from photoaging, thinning, hyperpigmentation, etc.

The sun emits ultraviolet rays with different wavelengths.

Almost all of them are dangerous for the skin. Thanks to UVA rays, we get a tan = a chemical reaction of the skin.

Rays easily pass through glass and clouds.

They are present evenly throughout the day, they can be observed even at night.

The greatest number of rays in the summer. BUT

Snow and ice reflect up to 80% of the radiation, which results in you receiving a double dose of rays.

It doesn’t take much time or money to build skin care into your life!

The most basic care is daily hygiene.

Go to bed only with clean face! Cleansing is the most important step, which helps, among other things, slow down aging.

The action of serums, creams and masks is much more effective when applied to a cleansed face.

Even clouds reduce radiation by only 10%. Therefore, and when it is cloudy, you can get sunburn. What about water? And here 60% of ultraviolet penetrates to a depth of 50 cm.

Sun cream with spf 50 filter reliably protects the skin from burns and pigmentation! The cream slows down premature photo-aging, active ingredients nourish and regenerate cells. LADY VOICE sunscreen contains hyaluronic acid, which provides persistent skin hydration. Cream without a sticky layer, quickly absorbed, leaves no residue. Cream with anti-wrinkle spf, improves skin tone and elasticity, the cream is resistant to water and sweat.

An indispensable tool in a women’s cosmetic bag. LADY VOICE cosmetics are professional and contain 70-80% natural ingredients.

The Lady Voice makeup set is the perfect gift for women!